Download the Group Works Deck

Our Offer, Your Response

We are delighted to share this collective wisdom on fulfilling group meetings.  Thousands of hours were given by dedicated volunteers to bring the Group Works deck into being, and all expenses were covered by individuals who believed it would make a difference in the world—we joyfully offer the product of that work as a gift to the commons.  At the same time, we ask for donations to support and nurture that work into the future, and make it possible for us to keep on meeting and printing and hosting the website and doing all the other things small and large needed to sustain the Group Pattern Language Project in its mission of fostering life and wholeness in groups.  So while you are welcome to print it out for free, we would really appreciate any size donation that you feel moved to make.  We are registered in Oregon USA as a non-profit corporation with tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status.

Free downloadable version of the Group Works deck:

Download the cards. (The file is 47 MB, so be ready!)

Download the accompanying explanatory booklet.

To print the cards two-sided (test print one page first to ensure your printer properly aligns fronts and backs):  Print pages 1-46 one-sided, then turn the printed pages over and feed them back through the printer, printing 46 copies of page 48 (the backs).  To print blank cards, print as many copies as you wish of page 47, then feed then back through to print the same number of copies of page 48 (the backs). If you don't need/want to print the card backs, simply print pages 1-46 and as many copies of the blank cards (page 47) that you want, one-sided.  The physical card dimensions are 5.25" x 3.5".

Please contact us if you have questions or comments about the free downloadable version of the deck.

If printing the deck yourself is too much trouble, a lovely printed, packaged version is available for sale.

To buy professionally-printed copies of the deck and supplementary materials, click here.