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Best Fit Game

The Best Fit Game (best for 4-8 players; easy for beginners) 

  1. Deal out 6 cards to each person.  
  2. Have someone start by offering a prompt, such as a method (along with a short explanation of the method if others are not familiar with it) or a dilemma they have faced in a meeting or group event.  
  3. Each listener picks out one card from their hand that they think is most relevant and offers it in response.  
  4. The prompter reviews the cards—this is most fun when accompanied by lobbying from each participant as to why their card is the most relevant.  
  5. The prompter selects one card as the best fit, and whoever's card was chosen receives one point.  
  6. Discard all the cards that weren't chosen, and deal out a new card to each person so everyone once again has 6 cards.  
  7. Take turns in a circle until each person has had a turn being the prompter, or until you run out of new cards. Inspiration: Apples to Apples
When to Use / Type of Meeting / When in Agenda: 
Facilitator Training


Variation: Keep unused cards

A slight variation is to keep all the unused cards in your hand, and draw a new card to replace the one you put down. 

This can encourage more reflection on each of the patterns, and how they might apply in various situations.

Variation: Random Draw

Another variation is for listeners to have the option to choose a random card from the deck and argue for it. If successful, they gain 3 points.