Buy the Group Works Card Deck

Printed deck consists of:

  • 91 full-colour 3.5" x 5.25" pattern cards;
  • 9 category cards;
  • 4 blank cards to add your own patterns;
  • five-panel folding explanatory insert including lists of all patterns;
  • booklet explaining the purpose and history of the project and suggested uses for the deck.

Packaged in an attractive printed box, suitable for sharing with colleagues and carrying to meetings and events.

Each pattern card contains the name and "heart" of the pattern, an evocative image, assigned category and related patterns. The booklet explains what group process patterns are and how the deck can be used to improve meetings and other deliberative gatherings.

Sow the seeds of a more dynamic and effective future group experience. The pattern cards in this set reflect generations of accumulated wisdom that lie at the heart of successful meetings, conferences, retreats, town halls and other group sessions, large and small. Much of our collective work depends on conversations: quality interchanges by which we together envision, shape and begin to enact the world we desire. You can use these cards to support your process as a group designer, facilitator, or participant. Use them to plan your next event, distill lessons from a past group experience, find creative insight in the middle of a process, or deepen your learning about the nature of groups.

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