Card Sequencing

The Card Sequencing or Mapping facility allows any user to select and publicly save any desired sequence of Group Works cards online. Each sequence is assigned a unique URL for later viewing and editing. You can choose a default layout of 10 cards in a row, or make up your own layout within a 10 x 10 grid. You can start from someone else's layout or sequence and then modify and resave under a new name. You can even ask the site to "deal" you a random card, thus bringing Group Works tarot online. This program can be used to save specific sets of cards for such purposes as:

  • illustrating a facilitation method
  • planning out a session in order by cards
  • sharing and discussing with your team

To try out the program, first log in on the regular site (otherwise you won't be able to save any work there), and then go to this page: Card Mapping. The program includes documentation and help pages, visit the links posted there. We know this program is somewhat limited; remember you also have the option to lay out physical cards on a table and take a photo.

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