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Community Members

Abigail Leeder

Adrian Silva

Adrien Gabel

Location: Culver City, Florida, United States
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AgileBill Krebs

Distributed Agile Coach

Ain Kew

BScIT Advanced Networking I naturally inclined to, and enjoy very much, bringing people and ideas together.
Location: New York, New York, United States

Al Cushing

Location: Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Yukon Arts Centre

Alan Pollard

Aleks Blumentals

Sense maker working with large groups, designing viable sustainable futures. @Americas @Africa @Europe @companies @NGOs @government @entrepreneur
Location: Riga, , Latvia
Katalyst Growth Partners
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Alex Chua

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Alexey Pikulev

A licensed Management 3.0 trainer and Agile coach with many years of experience of working with a variety of organizations from start-ups to international enterprise corporations. The main focus of my training is Agile Leadership practices and its applications in the organization culture. As a Coach, I am not going to tell your organization what to do but will help you to find the right solution on your own. My current passion is building an engaging creative-work culture in the team, company and community levels by using a variety of creative concepts from coaching to business games . Co-author of A Scrum Master's Practical Toolbox book. My motto is "Delivering Value".

Amanda White

Amanda Speers

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Amanda Fenton

Many years ago my curiosity and passion were ignited around how we might be, meet and work together in a different way. From that journey I’ve found my place in this world as a participatory process designer and facilitator, hosting and harvesting conversations that matter. I work with organizations, communities and individuals to invite collaboration, facilitate participatory gatherings, and harvest the fruits of those conversations for sustainable progress. I create space for people to turn towards each other for meaningful conversation, where all voices are welcomed and heard. My work happens in meetings, gatherings, conferences and more, designing circle-based participatory dialogue processes to create a container for leadership and wise action to emerge. I live on the beautiful west coast of BC with my sweetie and our great Dane Maya, and I'm so glad to be here with the Group Works community!
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Amy Lenzo

Location: Richmond, California, United States

Amy Voros

Amy Ruth

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Ana Hernandez

Hey, I'm a musician, facilitate lots of groups, and just got a deck. Yay! I look forward to using it for things planned, intuited, and unknown... Thanks for doing all this work!

Angela Sealy

Anita Chow

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Ansuya Naguran

Location: Nordland, Washington, United States

Antonia Lewis

Anuradha Rao Rao

LeAD Solutions

Arthur Battram

I'm the author of: 'Navigating Complexity: the essential guide to complexity theory in business and management'
Location: Ruabon, Wrexham, United Kingdom

Ashley McGuire

Location: San Diego, California, United States

Aude Simon

Location: Paris, , France

Bapu Bhupatkar

Chair of Board of Trustees
Location: Pune, Maharashtra, India
Tathapi Trust

Barb Elder

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Barbara Pedersen

Independent facilitator
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Barbara Pedersen Facilitation Services Inc.

Barnaby Spring

Barry Hunt

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Béatrice MELIN

coach consultant facilitator who helps people work together, based in Marseilles, south of France. I travel a lot to Réunion Island, a french island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.
Location: marseille, , France

Beatrice Briggs

Location: Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico

Ben Winters

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Benjamin Aaron Degenhart


beth gignac

Dive in, follow the energy and trajectory will be made clear!
Location: Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
Gignac-Groulx Inc
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Betsy Morris

Roles: Ambassador/Steward
Community development planner/researcher and experiential educator seeing a world of possibilities for the GroupWorks deck!
Cohousing California

Bhavin Kothari

I am happy go lucky person. Professor of Strategic Design Management at National Institute of Design in India. Like to deal with people and group. It works, it helps, it gives enjoyment.
Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
National Institute of Design

Bob Stains

Works for the Public Conversations project facilitating dialogues and retreats; training facilitators and trainers

Brent MacKinnon

I like the topic and I can see that I can learn a lot.

Brett Joseph

I am an organizational design consultant, researcher and permaculture teacher working in northeast Ohio

Brian Fountain

I am on a mission to demystify the science of learning and the craft of teaching. As a seasoned technologist, designer and education executive I assist organizations with some of the following challenges: * Curriculum Design & Teacher Training * Organizational Design including Purpose and Vision * B2B Product Design and Delivery My professional background is diverse. I bring a deep knowledge of narrative, technology, marketing and comedy to every aspect of my work. Past and present projects includes transmedia writing, marketing, creative concepting, alternate reality game design and mobile game design. I have over a decade of web development and graphic design experience.
Location: New York, New York, United States

Brian Hayward

Hi, I live in the UK and I have just come across your website and your cards. I am in the process of setting up a community based group and I think your cards would work really well within the group settings.
Location: lindford, , United Kingdom
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Brian Donovan

I live in the Irish midlands with partner of 25 years. She and I share life with two dogs (12 year old border collie cross; 14 week old terrier), and two fostered donkeys. We grow much of our own food and live in a small rural community. I also lecture part-time in university (education) and am beginning to research human ageing and socio/psychological development.
Location: Kells, Meath, Ireland
Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

Bruce Bartlett

Bruno Vernier


Cabot Lyford

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Caitlin Robertson

Roles: Core Group, Site Administrator
I focus on the ripple effects of restorative practices and eradicating systemic injustice. I'm currently finishing up my PhD dissertation which explores the ripple effects of higher education behind bars by using restorative, critical, and leadership theories.
Location: Spokane, Washington, United States

Camille Rozon

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Providence Health Care

Carla Romero

I am a macro social work student interested in doing community outreach and work.
Location: Tucson, Arizona, United States
ASU MSW student
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Carlos López

Location: San Pedro de la Paz, Bio-Bio (VIII), Chile
Instituto Chileno de Permacultura

Carol McCollum

Location: Madison, Wisconsin, United States

Caroline Blackwell

Carter Klenk-Morse

Location: Brooklyn, New York, United States

Cath Evans

Working in environmental education and volunteer coordination. Interested in permaculture and learning how to be a better facilitator.
Location: Edinburgh, , United Kingdom

Catherine Shinners

I'm a collaboration consultant working with organizations to bring successful collaboration and social business capacities to their organizations, business systems, processes and culture to generate new value, advance workforce engagement.
Location: Palo Alto, California, United States
Merced Group

Catherine Barnes

Dr. Catherine Barnes has worked for conflict transformation and social justice for more than thirty years. She is an affiliate faculty member of the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite University and a freelance practitioner and researcher. Catherine has extensive experience facilitating conversations on challenging topics, in locations ranging from the UN General Assembly Hall to village gathering places. She focuses on whole-of-system deliberative dialogue processes and training other practitioners in these skills.
Location: Staunton, Virginia, United States
EMU Center for Justice & Peacebuilding + Consultant

catherine powell

I am a facilitator and work primarily in communications and conflict resolution area in education and as a practitioner. I am a mediator and conflict management coach. I love the cards, just have to save up given the mailing charges. I'm assuming there are no distributors in Australia?
Location: black rock, Victoria, Australia
acadine pty ltd

Catherine Evans

Working in environmental education and volunteer coordination. Interested in permaculture and learning to be a better facilitator.
Location: Edinburgh, , United Kingdom

Chantal Eves

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

cheng bo


Chris Corrigan

Chris Percy

Chris Weaver

I am a teacher, a designer of educational processes (from brief learning experiences to entire schools), and a group facilitator, based in Asheville, North Carolina, USA. I love the pattern language approach of Group Works. I am designing a pattern language for a learner-centered K-8 or K-12 school. I am a trainer and co-owner of the international Genuine Contact program. I am also designing a new K-8 school, the Olivette School, which will open its doors in 2018 in the mountains of North Carolina. I am particularly interested in connecting with others who are using the Group Works approach to design schools and other educational organizations.
Location: Asheville, North Carolina, United States
One Purpose Design

Christian Sweningsen

Active in and co-founder of a number of local change groups; work in qualitative science of human experience and attendant education (Waldorf high school physics).
Location: Stuyvesant , New York, United States
Revisioning the Economy, Zero Waste Columbia, Hudson Area TimeBank

Christine O'Connor

Christopher Allen

Roles: Ambassador/Steward
Entrepreneur, Visionary & Technologist — iOS Developer & Author — Associate Faculty in Sustainable MBA program at Bainbridge Graduate Institute

Christopher Eads

I have an MBA and am an Architect.
Location: Harrisonburg, Virginia, United States

Christy Lee-Engel

Chuck Brands

Claudia Liebler

Colette Surovy

Location: Kenora, Ontario, Canada

Colleen MacNaughton

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Corinna Totino

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Curtis Michelson

I'm a long time community activist and organizational change facilitator working a lot with educational institutions. I love using the cards for a variety of scenarios and find they always bring levity and depth to group work everywhere.
Location: Orlando, Florida, United States
Minds Alert, llc

Cynthia Kernan

Cynthia Kurtz

I'm an independent researcher, consultant, software developer, and author who has been working in organizational and community narrative since 1999. I love the Group Works cards and am eager to find lots of new and interesting ways to use them in my work. :)
Location: Upstate New York, New York, United States
Just little ol' me ;)

Damien Vasse

Location: Bordeaux, , France
Graines des qui-libres

Dana Lynn

Location: Plano, Texas, United States
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Daniel Lindenberger

Roles: Ambassador/Steward
In both both my life in the Cohousing world and my work as a facilitator I make regular use of Group Works with colleagues, clients and communities generally for understanding issues, developing processes, and debriefing sessions. I'm also currently working on Connection Deck, an offshoot of Group Works geared towards kids and the parents, educators, caregivers and others who work with and love them. I'm currently exploring the "Language" aspect of pattern language, and pattern language development as a practice.
Location: Langley, British Columbia, Canada
Group Pattern Language Project, Connection Deck, Source Facilitation Collective

Daniel Mezick

d1doherty's picture

Daniel Doherty

I am a learning and group process facilitator certified in several methodologies, currently upgrading my visual/graphic facilitation skills. I run courses that use the GroupWorks deck as the 'text book.'
Reciprocity Publishing

Daniela Pieper

Daniela Anderluzzi

business coach and consultant

Daniele Cibati

Location: Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Creo Común

Danielle Conroy

Location: San Rafael, California, United States
Leadership Pathways

Danielle Chiero

Darcy Houston

I am a senior analyst at the Ministry of Health, where I am also a busy shop steward. I have some facilitation experience, but always looking to improve my skills.
Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Ministry of Health

Dave Dann

Member of sustainability gtroup. Teacher. Landworker.
Location: Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom
Sustainable Crediton
Dave's picture

Dave Pollard

Roles: Ambassador/Steward, Core Group, Site Administrator
Dave resigned from paid work in 2010, after 35 years as an advisor to small enterprises, with a focus on sustainability, innovation, and understanding complexity. He is a long-time student of our culture and its systems, of history and of how the world really works, and has authored the blog How to Save the World for over ten years. His book Finding the Sweet Spot: The Natural Entrepreneur’s Guide to Responsible, Sustainable, Joyful Work, was published by Chelsea Green in 2008. He is one of the core team members of Group Works: A Pattern Language for Bringing Life to Meetings and Other Gatherings, published in 2012. He is a member of the international Transition movement, the Communities movement, the Sharing Economy movement, and the Dark Mountain artists’ collective, and is a regular writer for the deep ecology magazine SHIFT. He is working on a collection of short stories about the world two millennia from now. He lives on Bowen Island, Canada.
Location: Bowen Island, British Columbia, Canada
daviding's picture

David Ing

Past president (2011-2012) of the International Society for the Systems Sciences. Active in the pattern language community (PLoP, Purplsoc, PUARL). Initiated the Systems Changes research program, .
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
International Society for the Systems Sciences
dplouffe's picture

David Plouffe

David is an award-winning facilitator and community development practitioner, who has also worked in cultural planning, informal education, and executive assistant the Director of Planning for the 3rd largest city in Canada. David uses his twenty years of creative and civic government experience to lead teams on how to engage citizens, employees, and customers so to make better decisions. David was Engage Lead City of Calgary’s Cultural Transformation Project from August 2012- September 2014, helping the city’s administration define a Corporate Culture that can help build an organizational culture capable of fulfilling the one-hundred-year vision of imagineCalgary. As part of this work, David used the Groupwork cards to help consult with over 8000 city employees t – the largest employee consultation in the city’s history. AWARDS using the cards Facilitation Impact Awards - Platinum Award - International Association of Facilitators (IAF) Organization of the Year - International Association For Public Participation (IAP2)
City of Calgary

David Spinney

Location: Eugene, Oregon, United States
dsuppmontgom's picture

David Supp-Montgomerie

Location: Squamish, British Columbia, Canada
Quest University Canada
davizSpain's picture

David Antolin

I'm a facilitation student, learning from groups how to deal with diversity and limits.
Location: Barcelona, , Spain
Elder Institute

David Wetherow

An old Pattern Language aficionado, working for a long time on a pattern language for the inclusion of people who may be marginalized because of disability, age, or other challenges into the heart of community life. Now working on a card deck (inspired by the GroupWorks deck) for building creative circles of support anchored in authentic community.
Location: Parksville, British Columbia, Canada
The Star Raft Project

David Sale

Natural and Human Systems Ecologist and facilitator of collaborative solutions for sustainability
Location: Bainbridge Island, Washington, United States
ECO Resource Group
Dgouthro's picture

David Gouthro

A seasoned (but not too spicy) facilitator who for the last 30 years has been working with groups in organizations to help them collectively work towards solutions to grow the capacity of their teams and organizations to succeed in a complex and ever changing environment!
Location: West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
The Consulting Edge


Deborah Colo

Location: Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, United States
dpreuss's picture

Deborah Hartmann Preuss

Bringing joy to the workplace. Coaching change artists to align action with passion, to effect bigger change in the world. Open Space Facilitator, Professional Co-Active Coach, serial instigator.
coaching for impact + joy

Deepak Saxena

deepak kumar

my name is deepak vill-faltiya,post-jingoli toli,distt-almora. no intrest
Location: almora, Uttaranchal, India

Denise van der Linden

Location: Hilversum, , Netherlands


Devin Hedge

I love Lemmings and Tribbles

Diana Cawood

Dianne Brause

Hi! I have been involved in various types of groupwork for many years. This deck is a really exciting resource–which I hope to introduce to the Palestinian NGO, The Holy Land Trust where I am currently volunteering. They are teaching leadership, non-violence philosophy and "thinking outside the box" especially to Palestinian women. Very exciting!

Dil Green

Pattern Language geek (studied with Chris Alexander, worked as an architect with A Pattern Language over many years). Now doing digital things. Strong advocate for Pattern Languages as tools for getting to grips with all sorts of complex domains (human interaction is highly complex!). Progressive Ethics Projects looks to take the idea of networks of patterns a stage further - to conceive of them as externalised structures for shared understanding - interactive tools which can be used to build networks of ideas and to support continuous engagement and refinement communities.
Location: London, UK, , United Kingdom
Project for a Progressive Ethics

DJ Kelly

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

DJ McLean

Senior HR Consultant - Recruiter - Coach - All-Round Connector I coach business women (fellow inner-adventurers) who feel overwhelmed, lack focus or struggle with self-esteem. They get clearer & transition careers, midlife & spiritual expansion by choice. I also help businesses with HR, Change and Communications. Me: Align business life consciously with inner nature Curious generalist, life-long-learner 20+ years business experience in IT, HR, Oil & Gas, Education, Retail, & Not-For-Profit Creative, bright, problem solving attitude & business acumen Strategic: identify commonalities & connections between disciplines, ideas, & people Keen insight to simplify workflows Intuitive, analytical, holistic & politically astute Challenge & support with diplomacy and respect Deeply interested in personality typing: Myers-Briggs; Enneagram; Marston Model; DISC; Insights; & Social Styles Indicator Facilitate The Work of Byron Katie Business: •Since 2005 consultancy HR projects: career transition, policy review & writing; coaching managers; training & development; investigations & resolutions; compensation analysis; benefits; recruiting - IT Technical/Functional, accounting & sales. • 7 years HR in IT Consulting: managing change through merger, acquisition & rebrand. Delivered on hiring strategies in partnership with multiple managers in five branches across Canada. Conducted client reviews of staff - 360° Review Process. Frontline on-boarding, HR, Benefits & career development coaching. • 13 years Sales, Marketing, Fund-raising & Volunteer Management: Internal audit; strategic analysis; market research; donor retention strategies; business plans; targeted data collection plans; created inventory systems; statistical analysis of fund-raising campaigns; designed and wrote marketing collaterals.
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Dmitry Inshakov

Dolores Maria Rossman

It was through Sue Woerhlin, Professor, and Wonderful Person, at Antioch University Seattle, from whomI learned about this wonderful meeting facilitation tool. I will be using the cards to facilitate a new Spanish conversation group at a local retirement community to start up April 16, 2015. The group is for individuals who love the Spanish language, and have an affinity for the peoples/countries where Spanish is spoken, which, of course, includes the U.S.! I hope to facilitate lively and enjoyable conversations in Spanish where folks can feel relaxed, enthused and enjoy ownership in the way in which our group evolves. Thanks! so much for creating these cards. Mil gracias! ~ Dolores
Location: Seattle, Washington, United States
Dominique Causse's picture

Dominique Causse

Interest in adaptive organization, complexity and agile
Location: Antony, , France
HumanWell's picture

Donna Mills

Donna Mills lives in the aesthetically stunning Pacific Northwest, specifically in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. She is a woman committed to all things that elevate human consciousness. She is a practitioner of the healing arts, an advocate for civil conversations, and a community educator. Donna is the founder of HumanWell Integrative Healing and Wellness where she sees private clients healing through trauma and grief. On the community consulting side of HumanWell, Donna designs integrative workplace wellness programs for large and small businesses. The name HumanWell was created out of her unwavering need to know “How do we human well? We can see where we are missing the mark in society, but where and how are we getting it right?” Donna is a certified caring economy advocate and partnership practitioner through Riane Eisler’s Center for Partnership Studies. She is a fierce advocate for a new narrative of economic justice that elevates our collective human wellness and ability to thrive. Donna is a social healing practitioner, a narrative disruptor, and a cultural change agent. She is here to invite society into a deeper conversation about civility and connectivity. She believes that, “and justice for all” means just that. For all.
Location: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, United States

donna luckey

I am a retired univ. professor and am currently participating in several communities/groups that have process and need more: Pleasant Hill Co-Housing (very good process overall) Diablo Valley Threshold Singers (a chapter of Threshold Choir; and Eco-Sattva training. I am looking at ways to be more effective as a group leader/facilitator and use my skills to help us move toward a better balance within Gaia's systems. My late husband, John Heider, wrote The Tao of Leadership and The Tao of Daily Living, and I learned a great deal from him.
Location: Pleasant Hill, California, United States
pleasant hill co-housing

Donna Beattie

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
City of Calgary

Donna Davis

Douglas McGregor

Group process enthusiast with fitness/health/dance/self-empowerment focus throughout my career as a physical therapist.
Location: Victoria , British Columbia, Canada

Ed Swift

elan Bailey

elan Bailey (small e is intentional) works with mission-driven organizations to design, facilitate and coach leaders and teams to evoke transformational leadership, adaptive performance and breakthrough impach. elan is an inspired catalyst with a big vision, broad and integrated business experience and a deep understanding of how to bring out the best in people. She has a master's degree in Leadership and Organization Development and 12 years experience as a designer, facilitator and coach of transformational learning and people development programs.
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
UpLevel People Partners

elan bailey

Facilitator of Integrative, Co-creative and Adaptive Solutions for Sustainable Enterprise

Elisa Mongeluzzi

Location: Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Elizabeth Burke

I'm a fan of the great group works deck... well done, team!
Location: Seattle, , United States

Elizabeth Erkel

Ellen Bruckner

I am new to the Card Deck. My interactions are mostly with small church communities specifically in The Episcopal Church. I am really interested in increasing my facilitation skills. I am familiar with and use many techniques/tools from participatory leadership contexts.
Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States
Elly's picture

Elly G

Roles: Site Administrator
Location: Eugene, Oregon, United States

Elmi Bester

Eric Pianarosa

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Erin Frisch

Location: Lansing, Michigan, United States
Michigan Office of Child Support

Esther Delbert

Eudes Martins

I work in group with Matrix of Mukara Meredith
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
clinical psychologist
fabrisgs's picture


Location: Montréal, Quebec, Canada
Y Facilitation Inc.

federico sanchez

Location: Buenos aires , Buenos Aires, Argentina
Gobiernos de la ciudad de buenos aires

G Hornecker

Location: CARMEL, Indiana, United States

Gabriel Simoes

Location: Lisbon, , Portugal
Uibi Hub

Gail Hope

Location: Calgary, , Canada

Gayle Murdock

Geneviève Beninger

Geralyn Sparough

I am deeply interested in creating connections between people through the use of arts and conversation.
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Creative Retreat LLC

Giorgio Bertini

I find your work of great interest. I would like to follow it and learn.

Gregory Dahlin

I am an educator, and am actively involved in group work, both in my professional life as an educator, and in my personal life, through regular family council to men's work with the Mankind Project.
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Montessori School of Raleigh

Gregory Bayne

I am a patient advocate for ALL herbal, Plant, and nature-based nutrition/medical therapies. I am a proponent of the Golden Rule and the freedom of the law of Love. I believe we need to take responsibility for Our own food-security, and I like to share. Thanks for asking! Peace
Location: Isle Of Palms, South Carolina, United States

Hassan Ahmed

Location: Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Heather Stadick

Location: PORTLAND, , United States
Allowing the Impossible

Heather Galbraith

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Heiner Benking

Helene Courchesne

Bilingual Independent Person Centered Planning Facilitator in the Ottawa region. Currently working on the Independent Facilitation Demonstration Project funded by MCSS of Ontario, for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Citizen Advocacy

Hemani Jayaswal

I work with individuals for amazing transformations to happen . They happen when they voluntarily come in touch with their being . Humbled to be a part of this amazing journey

irismay mcginnis

Location: berkeley, California, United States
Communities United in Defense of Olmstead(CUIDO)

Jack Goodwin

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Jacob Erlich

Location: Ota-ku, Tokyo , , Japan's picture

James Wiegel

I was at Bowling Green for that gathering back in 2006, have been lurking ever since!
Partners in Participation LLC
JanLelie's picture

Jan Lelie

Friend of facilitators, autonomous facilitator, involved in innovation, change and emergence. Worked for over 25 years as a catalyst of processes. I
Location: The Hague, , Netherlands
TaiwanBreeze's picture

Jane Lewis

I don't know who I am but I do like to experiment, observe truth and see the huge beauty and possibility in most any situation. It's pretty clear to me that collective knowledge-building is a beautiful thing and that so many things where people think: "I can't" can easily be turned to "we can." I coach and facilitate and I guess my picture of an ideal life would be having one Co-Sensing Style Action Learning Coaching session a day or Dynamic Stillness Craniosacral or a Piano Portrait (where the piano is a voice in the dialogue). I'm constantly seeing the possibility that our medicine just might come from our loves and our passions. It might just be that simple. I'd like to share that little secret with others, directly, through experience.
Location: Tainan, T'ai-nan, Taiwan

Janet Gillman

Janet Gillaspie

Location: Portland, Oregon, United States

janit doyle

I am a mom, partner, sister, daughter, learner, facilitator, window maker, reader, picture taker (not a photographer :D), I was introduced to your cards through Chris Corrigan and promptly purchased the deck. Thank you to everyone involved I am excited to begin using them!
Location: Cultus Lake, British Columbia, Canada

Jason Miler

Location: Saint Cloud, Florida, United States
jadevicen's picture

Javier de Vicente

Location: Benicassim, Castellon, Spain
climate KIC

Jaye Milne

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Jeffrey Stookey

JenniferGates's picture

Jennifer Gates

Years of experience as a co-houser, and with policy governance, and with other smallish egalitarian groups.

Jennifer Frenzer

Jennifer Banks-Doll

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Jennifer Ackerley

Location: Seattle, Washington, United States
Bricoleur Collective
monbosapin's picture

Jérémie Schaeli

I strive to serve the not for profit sector through group facilitation in the french-speaking part of Switzerland. Don't forget to get in touch with me if you're in the area!
Location: Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland

Jessica Land

Location: Eugene, Oregon, United States
Spencer's Butte Challenge Course, Eugene, Oregon

Jessie Conover's picture

Jim Best

Enthusiastic pattern language advocate in general. What are the mechanisms that take us from the individual to collective intelligence? Co-organizer of the Bay Area Liberating Structures Community of Practice. Past Life: Enterprise Architect, Healthcare IT (xKaiser Permanente). Academic interests: How do containers enable transformation? Using social network analysis to get at the mechanisms of complex adaptive systems.
Location: berkeley, California, United States
Saybrook University Organizational Systems PhD Program (student)
jimleming's picture

Jim Leming

I am a Senior Managing Partner, OD consultant and executive coach, with the Global Coaching Alliance LLC. I am active in the Philadelphia Region Organization Development Network, where I was introduced to the Group Work cards.
Location: Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, United States
Global Coaching Alliance LLC

Jim Karpe

Jim Karpe is the father of two young adults with developmental disabilities.  His daughter currently attends a community college, and his son works in Central Park as a volunteer grounds-keeper.  Jim works in IT as a manager of technical teams, and as an Agile Strategist and Coach.  As a volunteer, he runs the special needs division of West Side Soccer League, is parent co-chair of the Queens Council on Developmental Disabilities, and is on the Steering Committee of NYC FAIR.
Location: New York, New York, United States

Jocelyne Hamel

I have been in the non-profit world for over 30 years, and have been the the executive director of Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House for over 10 years. Our work is community-based, and we provide services through an asset-based lens. In my role, I am involved in various community engagement activities. My educational background includes an undergraduate in Business, an MA in Leadership, and a certificate in Dialogue and Civic Engagement.
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House (Association of Neighbourhood Houses of BC)

jock boyd

Location: sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Clear Communication

jodi engelberg

I came to this work later in life and knew immediately that I had found my home. Everything that I had done before had prepared me to facilitate critical collaborative conversations. I started at Vanderbilt University working with Matt Taylor at a center dedicated to healthcare reform using the medical center as a test-bed. It was divine! And, we co-created electronic medical record, on-line physician ordering and much more. I moved to Switzerland after that and was the co-founder/founding President of The Value Web, a social business/association for ~ 35 practitioners who come together to change the way decisions are made in important gatherings. I love the cards. I am hungry for a broader group of players. Thank you for creating them!
Location: miami, Florida, United States
The Value Web
JohnInman's picture

John Inman

Dr. John Inman brings a Northwest sensibility to his work. He believes in people and the wisdom they bring to conversations. Through his guidance, educators, public officials, and organization managers begin to let loose of expert practices based on telling and develop conversational practices that bring out the best in others.
John Inman Dialogue

John Kelly

I had a small role in the initial stages of the group pattern language project.


natrualist ranger with interest in facilitation of healthy group practices regarding response to human overshoot and bioshere decline collapse. 35 plus years of participation in mens groups, living in process groups, peer to peer recovery groups, co-op's.
Location: Boulder, Colorado, United States

John Lydon

Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
sechrest's picture

John Sechrest

I support and facilitate Startups to move forward.
Location: renton, Washington, United States
Seattle Angel Conference
johnabbe's picture

John Abbe


Jori Baum

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Green Calgary

Jose Gordin

Location: Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay


jwmh's picture

Joseph Herbert

Advocate of NVC; and of Dynamic Governance (a.k.a. "Consensus 2.0") -- like Consensus, but scalable, to work in large organizations (as well as small).
Location: Portland, Oregon, United States
judysue's picture

Judy Kidd

Currently I am a Masters of Social Work student at Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA, USA. The masters project I will be working on next year is to help local (rural) nonprofits discern their challenges and develop strategies that will work for their agency and will meet those challenges. My intention is to use action research, include myself in the group of participants and pull from all the knowledge and experiences of staff, volunteers, and directors of a local nonprofit.
Location: Arcata, California, United States

Julia Sebastian

juliancohenjk's picture

Julian Cohen

Location: Windsor, California, United States
Living Guild

julie strutt

Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

kaeley wiseman

Environmental Consultant
Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Kaliya, Identity Woman

I design and facilitate Undonfereces

Kamaldeep Kaur

Location: Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Kamil Pachalko

Location: Southend on Sea, Essex, United Kingdom
Southend in Transition

Karen Christiaens

Karen Dawson

Excited to play with these cards and learn!
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Create Now Inc. & The Deeper Funner Change Project
Website:'s picture

Karen Hochberg

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Kat Sprout

PhD Student in Global & Sociocultural Studies at Mt. San Antonio College. Interests include Materiality, Technology program, Computer science, Religion, and Museology. My research interests vary between Materiality, Religion, and Museology. I find ex-votos and other forms of devotional offerings fascinating, particularly as the topic has few boundaries (we find offerings across a wide scope of time and space). I also focus on museums, objects, and displays from a curatorial perspective as well as through theoretical interpretations of narrative and display.
Location: Los Angeles, California, United States
Mt. San Antonio College

kate potter

Hi, This is Kate. I like to do social service. That's why I'm here

Kate O'Brian

Sassy's picture

Kate "Sassy" Sassoon

Kathryn Maly

Katie Behel

Katin's picture

Katin Imes

Hobby linguist and student of philosophy; explorer; software guy.
Location: Eugene, Oregon, United States
Tree's picture

Kavana Tree Bressen

Roles: Ambassador/Steward, Core Group, Site Administrator
I have been blessed for many years with a calling supporting groups to function well, which is fulfilled through teaching, facilitation, and organizational design. I work primarily with groups in my geographic region. I founded the Group Pattern Language Project in 2008, and since publication in 2011 have been joyfully watching it make its way around the world. I think the most powerful implementation of the Group Works deck happens when organizations integrate it into their day-to-day operations and culture. As of this writing (early 2017), i am passionate about possibilities arising from Laloux's insights into "teal" organizations, and am actively seeking colleagues and playmates in that realm.
Location: Eugene, Oregon, United States
Keala's picture

Keala Young

Roles: Ambassador/Steward
A. Keala Young Keala is a permaculture teacher, mentor, consultant and whole systems designer with a foundation in yoga and the healing arts. His rich study of permaculture and ecovillage design includes certificate programs from Findhorn Foundation to Esalen Institute as well as full-time engagement co-founding Atlan A Living and Learning Center near the Columbia River Gorge in Central Cascadia. A life-long learner he is currently completing the documentation for his Permaculture Diploma with a focus on Ecovillage Design and Education with an emphasis on educational implementation.
Location: Portland, , United States
Keithleeds's picture

Keith Brown

Network For a New Culture

Kelly George

Location: Eugene, Oregon, United States

Kelly Merx

Location: Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

Ken Howard

Church Planter, Pastor, Presenter, Consultant, Author: "Paradoxy: Creating Christian Community Beyond Us and Them"

Ken Cameron

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Kenoli Oleari

Kenyon Acton

Kiana Harlan

krishnasingh's picture

Krishna Singh Khalsa

This is the dawning of a pivotal time for the evolution of humanity for all time, going forward.
Location: Espanola, New Mexico, United States
Siblings of Destiny / LifeBoat Foods

Kristine Nielsen

I'm a Learning Developer with the BC Government. I just attended a class with Dan Doherty and we are requested to make a contribution of a Group works card map. I've tried already to register but never received confirmation. Dan says it should only take a day so I'm sending my request again. Thank you, Kristine
Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Kulari Lokuge

Lani Beer's picture

Lani Beer

I facilitate people, teams and organisations in problem solving using collaborative methods like agile, lean and design thinking. Most of us have challenges or opportunities they are trying to navigate.
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Lara Tierney

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

latisha adam

LauraFitz's picture

Laura Fitzpatrick

Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Laura Malone

Location: OAKLAND, California, United States

Laurence Schechtman

Laurie McCann

leah green

Actually, I know Sue W. from years back when I taught in the MA Psych program at Antioch. I'm now living @ Daybreak and would love to experience your work.
Location: Portland, Oregon, United States

lenore Miller

I am a recent graduate of Seattle University's Organization Systems Renewal masters program (now a program under Bainbridge Graduate Institute (BGI). Previously I retired from a 30 year public service career. Today I am seeking a vocation where I can help co-create adaptive cultures in human systems. My work includes fostering dialogue so that groups can create shared meaning and purpose and make positive change in the world.
Location: Olympia, Washington, United States

Leon Janssen

Groupies supporter and ambassador... Event producer and cross pollinator...
Location: Portland, Oregon, United States
Lambster's picture

Leslie Liszak

Retired director of an addiction treatment agency
Location: Richmond, Indiana, United States

Leslie Adams

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Letitia Elizabeth

Location: Marietta, Georgia, United States

Lisa Kimball

I've been working with a portfolio of methods called "liberating structures" to build capacity for everyone to use high engagement methods day-to-day.
Location: Washington, District Of Columbia, United States
Group Jazz

Lisa Sture

I have worked as a Management Development Consultant, Team Development Facilitator, and Personal Development Tutor and have an MSc in Human Resource Development. Subsequently, I have Chaired Community environmental organisations and facilitated community events. In recent years I have been teaching my own courses, in person and online.
Location: Meifod, Powys, United Kingdom

Lisa Barton

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Lisa-Marie DiVincent

Location: Eugene, Oregon, United States
Empathy Cafe
Litany DeShincoe's picture

Litany DeShincoe

I am an aspiring peace practitioner currently working towards my Master's degree in Conflict and Dispute Resolution at the University of Oregon. I completed my undergraduate studies in meaning centered cultural anthropology at the University of Oregon. I am currently interning in a Courageous Conversations based curriculum at Churchill High School looking at race, privilege and gender, while also pursuing studies in facilitation of difficult conversations, strategic peace-building, structural violence, transitional justice and social justice in education.
Location: Eugene, Oregon, United States

Lonnie Weiss

I am a Certified Professional Facilitator and co-author of Building United Judgment, a Handbook for Consensus Decision Making, circa 1980. I primarily work with multidisciplinary groups when agreement matters. I teach how to design and facilitate meetings. I am based in Philadelphia.
Weiss Consulting, LLC

Looby Macnamara

Lorna Reid

ACCORD Hospice

Luann Barndt

Luann Barndt, EdD PCC Axiom Quest LLC | Exploring Embodying Enacting - Embody Life Fully! | Master Somatic/Embodiment Leadership Coach/Trainer
Location: Alexandria, Virginia, United States
Axiom Quest
LucasCioffi's picture

Lucas Cioffi

Software developer and civic entrepreneur. Iraq War veteran.
Location: Charlottesville, Virginia, United States
QiqoChat Inc
lyndamoe's picture

Lynda Moe

I inspire and facilitate individuals, teams, groups and organizations to develop and unleash their positive potential. I assist them to enhance their capability, performance and agility (change, thinking, communication & leadership) and help them to shift mindsets in order to be the best that they can be. By becoming more resilient on all levels clients are able to navigate into the future with greater ease. I've worked with all types of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. To establish rapport quickly and easily I use leading edge techniques, collaborative solution focused strength based approaches, innovative problem solving processes and robust communication skills alongside Process Based Facilitation and Executive/Leadership Coaching. I also assist clients to engage their stakeholders in the co-creation &/or problem solving process and help them to positively manage and gain buy-in for innovation and change. I invite you to join me on Linkedin:
Location: Auckland , Auckland, New Zealand
Lynda Moe Transformations Limited

Lynda Kahn

I am enlivened and energized by contributing to building relationships and community that are based in the realization that there is no one whose contribution we do not need.
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Inclusion Press

Lysbeth Borie

Seed Expressions's picture

Maggie Taylor

Hi I'm Maggie Taylor from Brisbane, Australia. I am a visual artist, and a member of an international meditation group where I am a student & volunteer facilitator. I came across the Groupworks website by chance and discovered the Groupworks cards which I have ordered. I am looking forward to studying the cards and exploring how the process works. From what I have read so far I think they could be very beneficial to our organisation.
Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Marc Alt

Marcia Fein

Mari Sakai

Location: Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
Resonant Sign
mariacaropelaez's picture

Maria Carolina Pelaez

I am a Master´s student in Human Systems Intervention at Concordia University (Montreal), with a passion for working with groups to help them discover their strengths and challenges, finding better ways of working together to achieve goals and learn.
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Concordia University

Maria Fernanda Arraes

Location: Bobo Dioulasso, , Burkina Faso
Link Rural

Marianna Monaco

Mark Johnson

Location: Victoria , British Columbia, Canada

Martin Roell

Martin Williams

Singaporean American School

Mary Forst

Long time facilitator, mediator, and trainer, and appreciator of the original Pattern Language, so I'm delighted with the work you've done!
Location: Portland, Oregon, United States
Confluence Center for Mediation & Training


MelanieRios's picture

Melanie Rios

I'm a community cultivator and permaculture teacher, currently immersion offering coaching in conflict resolution and dynamic governance to a co-housing ecovillage in Portland.

Michael Briand

MichaelRWolf's picture

Michael Wolf

Roles: Ambassador/Steward

Michele Mills

Location: Glenbrook, New South Wales, Australia

Michele Anderson

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Michelle Pitman

Full-time student studying Librarianship & Corporate Information Management with Open Universities Australia

Michelle Jarosinski

Location: Gilbert, Arizona, United States
maricopa county head start

Mihaela Yeung

Mimi Vanderheide

Location: Fort St. John, , Canada
Peace Country Coaching

Monica Malavasi


Monique Nesset

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Nancy Seibel

I'm a life coach drawing upon my 30+ years of experience in nonprofit child and family services to coach human service professionals at transition points in life and career. This involves both individual and group work. I also provide early childhood consultation and coaching, facilitating meetings, training, and writing on topics related to infants, toddlers and their families. I'm a masters-degreed Nationally Certified Counselor, a Board Certified Coach, an avid though not very fast bicyclist and a lover of creative approaches to thinking, working and living.
Location: Catonsville, Maryland, United States
Keys to Change, LLC
Nancy L Seibel's picture

Nancy Seibel

Coach and consultant working with busy human service professionals and small business owners. Special interest in preventing burnout, relationship-based and reflective practice, infant mental health, positive psychology and well-being.
Location: Catonsville, Maryland, United States
Keys to Change, LLC

Nancy Highness

choconancy's picture

Nancy White

Roles: Ambassador/Steward
Full Circle

Nancy Hess

I will partner with you to build high engagement workplaces that reflect integrity and an awareness of the value of people and their experience of work. As an HR Strategist and consultant to organizations, I facilitate dialogues about how work "gets done around here". Curiosity about how to help leaders connect people to the core purpose drives my business focus. My goal is to help organizations design and implement change strategies that value engagement and whole system approaches to work and community.
Location: Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, United States
NJ Hess Associates

Nancy Ryder

natalie brenson

I am a community front line worker who is working in collaboration with many service providers in the community. I am totally hooked on the Art of Hosting and the Harvesting.
Location: New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada
Public Health Services
natalymarchuk's picture

Nataly Marchuk

Location: Sacramento, California, United States
Dubrava Ecovillage

Nicole Bienfang

I am an entrepreneur, interdisciplinary thinker, attention economist, activist advocate, inventor, consultant, social artist, cultural creative & social architect. I've dedicated my life to increasing the impact social change makers have on society. Both my life and professional experiences have afforded me the opportunity to gain the insight of how a sense of community can be formed anywhere in various ways. With that knowledge I strive to help globally shift the current paradigm we all live in to a new one that benefits us all, as well as the planet. I'm often found building bridges between niche groups of social change movements, and helping translate between thought leaders found within them. My solution-centered thinking,tenacious and straightford style has garnered respect internationally having many people seek me out for counsel and mentorship. Seeing that there was a significant need for information and instruction regarding founding and starting social good type programming, movements, and intentional communities I took part in the development of The Transition ( creating a hub where like-minded proactive people could unify their good work efforts and exchange experiences from the trenches. I'm a research driven, lifelong learner, who uses that knowledge to build stronger relationships among communities and with individuals from around the world. You can find me online at:
Location: Cedar Creek, Texas, United States
The Transition

Nikki Sachs

Nitul Ojha

Location: Thane West, Maharashtra, India
Winnng Edge

Olin Elliott

Roles: Fulfillment
Location: Seattle, Washington, United States

Opalyn Brenger

Pamela Taylor

Advocates for socially just education for all.
Location: Seattle, Washington, United States
Washington Educators for Social Justice


Pamela McLean

Originally I came across pattern language (online) through Doug Schuler. I was taught more (online) by Helmut Leitner, and then via F2F session at London Knowledge Lab led by Yishay Mor. When Yishay was preparing to co-edit a pattern language book (related to an area of education I knew about) he sent out a call for contributions saying the contributors would be shepherded regarding the pattern language side of things. This was how I learned more. I am interested in how pattern language can help me (and people in my networks) to share insights with each other despite coming from very different areas of interest.
pat's picture

Pat molla

Graphic recorder, teacher, visual thinker, español
Location: olivos, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ideas Dibujadas

Patricia Millar

Life Coach, Group Process Facilitator

Patricia Neal

Heartland Network Community & Conscious Business Alliance
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Heartland Inc.

Paul Courtney

At this point in my life I work in Boston in an academic medical center doing business process analysis, for want of a description. I think in systems and when I learn about something I need to find a way to learn it from both outside in and inside out. In my work I am very interested in understanding how interpersonal and organizational factors, workflow processes, and software systems align ( or not! ) to support a larger vision of the organization. In my non-work time I walk with my dogs and my wife, talk abstract and landscape photographs, do small home improvement projects and am getting more involved in the "maker" community.
Location: Lebanon, New Hampshire, United States

Paul Bland

Training Manager for challenge course vendor.
Location: Raymond, Washington, United States
Signature Training

Paul Nunesdea

Paul Nunesdea is the English author name of Paulo Nunes de Abreu, author and publisher of Architecting Collaboration, a book series about group facilitation. Paul has specialized in creating and nurturing communities of practice, namely in the education and healthcare sectors in Portugal and Spain, where he designs interventions to optimize change within regional and national governments.
Location: Villafranca del Castillo, Madrid, Spain
AgileLogic's picture

Paul Hodgetts

I'm a team lean/agile coach and trainer based in Orange County, CA.

Paul Hilt

Location: St. Davids, Pennsylvania, United States
Hilt & Associates

Paula Hannan

Peter Crossen

Phil Mastrocola

Phil Metzler

Phil applies his engineering and consulting backgrounds to help build relationships and facilitate change for community initiatives. His focus is applying systems thinking and mapping techniques to increase community resilience. Areas of work include asset mapping, local food systems, local economies, ecological literacy, and worldview transitions.
Location: Goshen, Indiana, United States
Community Resilience Guild

Philippe ANTOINE

I'm work in a company as an internal coach and interrested in sharing the way to have group producing the best results they can have. Moreover, I work regularly within a church with small groups.
Location: Villeneuve-la-Garenne, , France

Quince Affolter

My background is mental health counseling and I recognize the power of groups in helping people grow and heal. I provide workshops and trainings in group facilitation in the Portland area. I'm always interested in new models and new ideas for facilitation.
Location: Portland, Oregon, United States
Quince Affolter Consulting

Rachel Lyn Rumson

Consultant: Learning systems facilitator, program director for Cooperative Design Lab, permaculture design and education, lover of participatory leadership engagement, systems thinking, action research...homesteading
Location: New Gloucester, , United States
Royal River Permaculture
raines's picture

Raines Cohen

Roles: Ambassador/Steward
Community Organizer and Cohousing Coach, co-creating Cohousing California and East Bay Cohousing, building on the deck to create Cohousing Cards, selections with additional guidance specific for these intentional neighborhoods. I love to visit places and do workshops with the cards and help people think about them in new ways (including just figuring out what to do with the cards). As of early 2019, I believe I've done the most reselling of decks, bringing them to conferences and communities in the course of my travels. I'm planning on doing some conference calls and webinars to explore applications of the cards.
Cohousing California

Randi Fiat

Randy Kennett

rino's picture

Reinhard Kuchenmueller

I am a German Visual Facilitator, living in Italy, and know Alexander's Pattern Language since ages. I am interested if we could do something together.

Renee Hobbs

Renee Wentland

Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Ministry of Education

Rhonda Baird

Location: Bloomington, Indiana, United States

Ria Baeck

Location: Kortenaken, , Belgium
rkm's picture

Richard Moore

Location: Wexford, , Ireland

richard linsenberg

Richard Burg

Location: Healdsburg, California, United States
Simple Idea
Rick Lent's picture

Rick Lent

My work focuses on helping leaders improve the structure of everyday meetings. See for more.
Meeting for Results

Robert Gilman

Rodolfo Caballero

Soy profesor de religión de adolescentes en Panamá. Combino mi práctica de Orientación Familiar y Coaching Integral. Me encanta su labor. Me va a ayudar mucho.
Location: panama, Panama, Panama

Ron Dean

A blue collar family guy . A very concerned citizen .
Location: St Leonards, Victoria, Australia

Ron Barnhart

I am a family life coach and trainer for family entrepreneurs. My coaching is based on thought mastery using thinking strategies and systems. I help parents provide a new learning environment for their kids, for themselves, and for their business.
Location: Havelock, North Carolina, United States
Thought Mastery Academy

Ronaye Matthew

RosaZ's picture

Rosa Zubizarreta

Rose Gordon

I live on 8 acres of pinon, juniper and sage on a mesa in Taos New Mexico, a landscaped shared with me by small groups of deer, coyotes, birds, rabbits and an occasional bobcat. My relationship with this land for the past 38 years has informed, inspired and sustained me. I was originally trained as a Council Process facilitator at a Zen Center, and used Council process with professionals and community members in an 8 day Compassionate End of Life Care program. I also co-directed a prison project and regularly spent time with women in jail and in prison. More recently I spent 14 years facilitating Restorative Justice for juveniles and their affected community and currently train others in New Mexico to implement RJ with juveniles. I was the Restorative Justice Resource person for the IIPS Peace and Conflict resolution 3 week training for 34 young professionals from 17 countries, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Lebanon, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and Miramar, which was held in Thailand in 2012. I am the the Spiritual Care and Bereavement Provider and the Manger and trainer for Hospice Volunteers at Mtn Home Health in Taos, New Mexico and volunteered at a hospice in Rishikesh, India in 2016. I love the opportunity to exchange ideas, skills and insights with diverse populations and seek out and incorporate new ways to create interactive learning and sharing situations, because their is so much wisdom in the world. The Group Works deck and approach seems adaptable to so many group settings I find myself in.
Location: Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico, United States

Sally Howard


Sanford Hinden

I provide community and global development programs and projects, facilitating consciousness raising and creative collaboration, to help people families, communities and nature.
Location: Huntington Station , New York, United States

Sarah Armstrong

Sarah Banach

Sean Culman

Seán Conlan

Living in rural Ireland, but connected to the world. Contacts and involvement in transforming society mostly in Europe.
Location: Dromahair, , Ireland

Serena Shane

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
unstoppablewomen's picture

Shannon Silva

My name is Shannon and I am a Training Specialist at Google (powered by Adecco). I love facilitating groups and I'm excited to learn more about these group process patterns so I can use them when I facilitate workshops.
Location: Campbell, California, United States
Unstoppable Women of Silicon Valley
sharomoon's picture

Sharon Moon

Mediator, Facilitator Alternatives to Violence Project, Dynamic Facilitation, Strengthening Multi-Ethnic Families and Communities
Location: Burien, Washington, United States
Dispute Resolution Center of King County
Sheika Kolias's picture

Sheika Kolias

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Sheldon Schwitek

Location: KALAMAZOO, Michigan, United States
Bee Snug Honey

Sian Ramsden

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Sidney Courtice

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Simon's picture

Simon d'Orsogna

I am a group facilitator and certified coach. I live in Melbourne, on the south-east coast of Australia. I am very interested (excited really) about how we construct our reality and how we hold our selves and our perceptions in place by non-verbal, non-cognitive, assumptive patterns and schemas. There seem to be complementary sets of dynamics including safety-reactivity-attachment alongside expansion-creativity-emergence. Maybe we can only know about them by pausing-doing-reflecting-iterating-not knowing... in some right-seeming jumble that orders itself and us.

Siona Van Dijk

Sophie Zuang

working as a consultant at the Centre of ecological learning (CELL), the transition hub for Luxembourg
Location: Luxembourg, , Luxembourg

Stacia Leech

Stefan Morales's picture

Stefan Morales

I am a lifelong learner, and I do my best to share my learning with others and create the conditions for learning within the groups, systems, and communities I connect with. I practice this in a lot of different ways, and I fail in a lot of different ways too. Today I am excited about taking my learning in more challenging directions for me: like applied math in the form of programming, data science, and more scientific areas like carbon capture, etc. I want to see if there's a way that I can connect everything I've learned so far as a social scientist, political theorist, facilitator, process designer, digital marketer, etc. with these more robust ways to understand and operate with reality, so as to help us address the extremely serious challenges we collectively face. I'm interested in the intersection of group work in this combined space of group practice, digital tech, science, and complexity, and I'd be open to exploring connections with anyone who is also working in this way at the edge of the future. More about me, specifically, here: and more about one of my key projects here: httpe:// Soon I will also share a co-op I am in the process of developing amongst other consultants. Stay tuned!
Location: NowHere, ,
Working Together

Stephanie Kozick

Member of the Faculty
Location: Olympia, Washington, United States
The Evergreen State College

Stephanie Ellis

Steph Jo's picture

Stephanie Jo Kent

I seem, in most activist-oriented groups, to mainly be a free radical.
Location: Amherst, Massachusetts, United States
Learning Lab for Resiliency

Steven Mak

steven mentor's picture

steven mentor

Hi! I"m a long time facilitator, live in cohousing in Santa Cruz, and am hoping to use the cards at an Esalen retreat this weekend! Also I have a friend who is very interested in using the cards for her business retreat.
Location: santa cruz, California, United States
Evergreen Valley College


Retired master facilitator, group process designer, organizational consultant. Now currently focused on male-female issues, "gender politics", sexuality and relationship dynamics. (Integration of evolutionary psychology/biology and contemporary relationship issues.)
Location: AUSTIN, Texas, United States
Sue's picture

Sue Woehrlin

Roles: Ambassador/Steward
My passion is designing, facilitating and teaching about participatory processes for learning and change, whether organizatiionally-based or community driven. My anchor job is as a faculty member at Antioch University Seattle, where I teach mid-career adult learners. I also offer independent training and consultation to those interested in developing more collaborative approaches in their work, most especially the patterns in Group Works! My general approach is to nurture self-organizing, organic and emergent processes that embed greater authority with those at the grassroots level.
Location: Seattle, Washington, United States
Antioch University Seattle, Group Pattern Language Project

Sunil Chopra

Myself Dr. Sunil Chopra, I am the Clinical Director and Founder of the London Dermatology Clinic located on Wimpole Street in central London. I had my training at University College London as an undergraduate and did my medical training at University College London and Chase Farms Hospital. I also did one year training in chest medicine at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge. I did two years full time research studying the blood and nerve supply of skin and has written three major international postgraduate texts. Facial pigmentation, acne scarring and I am an expert at treating the signs of ageing.
Location: London, , United Kingdom
London Dermatology Centre
susanhasty's picture

Susan Hasty

I'm utterly fascinated by how our language structures possibilities for creating the future and love facilitating inspiring conversations. My training includes coaching, NLP, Structural Consulting (Robert Fritz, Inc) Clean language,Clean Interviewing and Platform Design Facilitation. I'm excited to discover this group as I have a great appreciation for "open source" collaborations that make the world a better place. Please reach out to me if you'd like to discuss an alliance, share resources or a cup of coffee on zoom or if you are in or just visiting the RTP North Carolina USA area!
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
360 Profit Masters

Susan Davenport

Location: Buckeye, Arizona, United States
Sun City Festival
SuSySki ta's picture

Susan Cunha

dancer, curator, urban gardener, construction contract & proposals professional, strategist, writer and wannabe community manager
Location: Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Susan McFee

Susana Ochi

I am volunteer at InterChange, a non-profit organization, based in Toronto with international chapters around the world. Founded by Prof. Anne Goodman, OISE - University of Toronto, InterChange aims for bridging knowledge and practice in supporting peacebuilders.
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Susana Guardado

A process facilitator working in the non-profit field in the areas of homelessness, violence prevention, youth voice, and project management.
Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Bright Light Ideas

Susanna Haas Lyons

Location: Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Susie Surtees

Tabitha McLaughlin

Location: Agassiz, British Columbia, Canada
Fraser Health

Tanya Aziere

Tara Bredesen

Tavis Carter

I am a Black African/American Male Addictions Professional and Adjunct Professor. I am currently crafting a "Town Hall" on Racial Injustice in our Community at my workplace with the consideration of our Human Services Organization's CEO.
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Ted Newcomb

Happily retired grandfather with two grandchildren, living in Phoenix. Partner with EnliveningEdge. Interested in PLN's, Knowledge Gardens, collaboration and cooperation, life-long learning. Trying to be a good digital citizen and keep up with the times.
Location: Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Teri Ciacchi

Thea Levkovitz

Washington State Department of Ecology
Thom's picture

Thom Chittom

I work as a software tester for Ramsey Solutions in Brentwood, TN. I am fascinated by the creation and use of pattern languages to encode, democratize, and teach practices.
Location: Hendersonville, Tennessee, United States
snowfall's picture

Thomas Erickson


Thorbjørn Mann

Location: Tallahassee, Florida, United States

Till Schümmer

Location: Hagen, , Germany
FernUniversität in Hagen
tbonnema's picture

Tim Bonnemann

I'm the founder and CEO of Intellitics, a digital engagement startup based in San José, CA. We help organizations apply technology to engage their communities in high-quality dialogue and other participatory processes.
Location: San José, California, United States
Intellitics, Inc.

Tim Foelker

Tim Pearson

Tim Pearson is a Professional Coach with Pearson Consulting in Anchorage. A field manager in a remote camp in Alaska once described him as a combination of “Tibetan monk and lion tamer." Tim has worked for the past 30 years with Alaska, U.S. and German executives, managers, and business owners who face major challenges such as safety initiatives, new market development, acquisitions, company transitions, turnarounds, career moves, and sensitive people issues. He holds a Master in Public Policy (MPP) from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. Tim grew up 150 miles south of the Arctic Circle and 100 miles east of Siberia in the Inupiat village of Teller on the Bering Straits.
Location: Anchorage, Alaska, United States
Pearson Consulting
troybysea's picture

Toby Ayers

Director of nonprofit RICJ; community psychologist. RICJ fights prejudice and racism by building understanding and mutual respect between all races, cultures and religions. I'm working on using pattern languages to help bring people together across differences.
Location: Providence, Rhode Island, United States
Rhode Island for Community & Justice

Toine Fennis

My mission: to connect, heal and inspire I connect systems, people and information toward a sustainable vital society.
Location: Hoogezand, Groningen, Netherlands
Savitar Metagroup

Tom Atlee

Roles: Ambassador/Steward
I explore, envision, network and write about collective and holistic intelligence and wisdom at all levels, especially in democratic and network governance. I am currently working on a pattern language for wise democracy, which will be a cousin to the GroupWorks pattern language deck.
Location: Eugene, Oregon, United States
Co-Intelligence Institute

tom land

Location: Vashon Island, Washington, United States

Tom Murray

Universal Simplexity

Upgeya's picture

Upgeya Pew

Location: Vancouver, Washington, United States

Vanessa Westley

Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States
H2S Consulting

Vasko Drogriski

Member of a community based bushfire mitigation group
Location: Daylesford , Victoria, Australia

Vera Berard

Location: North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Midwifery Care North Shorw

Vic Desotelle

Location: St. Paul, Minnesota, United States
Discovery Colabs

Vicenç Rul·lan

School psychologist and mediator. Interested in Restorative Justce and Restorative Practices. I would like to receive some support from the group in order to learn ways to use the cards
Location: Palma de Mallorca, Illes Balears, Spain
Asociacio de Justicia i Practica Restaurativa Illes Balears

Victoria Ward

Location: London, , United Kingdom

Vine Acorn

Roles: Site Administrator

Vinícius Miranda

Location: São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Viveik Saigal

In Hong Kong, trying to figure out life...

Vivien Sharples's picture

Werner Danda

I was an active supplier in the OEM and Industry Business and developped different fastening solutions in the production process of these companies. Our new products required a high understandig of the customer's needs and potential benefits. This comes from efficient group work between supplier and customer, high trust and open mind. The same I experienced in the different market entrance tasks in many countries with our organization. International project management in medical equipment devices needs to have also collective wisdom.of all participants for succesful completion on both sides. Today I`m retired and still active in creating a partizipatory leadership in complex environment and in conflict resolution as a official certified mediator and a AoH practicioner, I'm interested to take advantage from your high level experience in partizipatory group works and I would like to apply this valuable deck and cards. I'm applying the german language version in my workshops to strengthen the selfconfidence of the participants. In talking about the selected patterns we show the importance of their personal contributions in developping the required topics of the workshop, meeting.
Location: Handenberg, Oberösterreich, Austria
WesleyLucas's picture

Wesley Lucas

Roles: Ambassador/Steward
I'm a gradate student at the University of Oregon, studying conflict resolution and nonprofit management. In early 2015, I served as an intern for Group Works, and have been finding ways to integrate the deck into my work with nonprofits and youth programs.
Location: Eugene, Oregon, United States
University of Oregon
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Will Westerfield

I have done management consulting for not-for-profit organizations since 1997. I am always looking at ways to improve services to my clients!
Location: Midland, Michigan, United States
Grid Services Group
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William Cerf

I'm a huge fan of The Pattern Language
Location: Brooklyn, New York, United States

William Ed Christwitz

thanks for keeping hope alive with your loving wisdom

Wolfgang Stark

community psychologist, doing research on patterns and pattern languages. working on improvisational patterns languages and integrating jazz patterns and musical wisdom . I am interested in applying patterns in community building and organizations of all kind.
Location: Essen, , Germany
University of Duisburg-Essen

Wout-Jan Koridon

The Deck: a great, collective achievement, help and inspiration

Yahya Mayet

Group analyst, facilitator, Integral Coach. Jungian Analyst
Location: Johannesburg , Gauteng, South Africa
The Empowered Studio

Yehudit Lieberman

Yin Yu

Yolanda Bailey


Yoosuf Moiz

Yushan Pan


Zena-Gabrielle Hailu