Honour Each Person Game (untested)

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Honour Each Person (best for 4-8 players who know each other) — here’s a game based on an exercise Daniel Lindenberger devised. 

  1. Each player takes a turn being the ’Honouree’. On their turn, the Honouree scans the cards and, without indicating their choice, decides on one pattern they personally think they exemplify and another they think is a ‘learning edge’ they need to work on, and writes the two pattern names on a piece of paper. The Honouree then briefly leaves the room. 
  2. Each of the remaining players selects one pattern they think the Honouree exemplifies and a ‘learning edge’ pattern they might wish to see more of from the Honouree. All of the pattern cards selected are shuffled together and laid out in a row face up.
  3. The Honouree returns and attempts to guess which cards were ‘exemplify’ selections and which were ‘learning edge’ selections. They get one point for each correct guess. If one or both of the patterns they wrote on the piece of paper were also selected by one of the other players, they get a 3-point bonus (6 points if both patterns were selected by other players).
  4. Optionally, the Honouree can then select one of their incorrect answers and invite the person who selected that card to explain their rationale for their choice. In this case, the Honouree just listens and replies ‘Thank You’ — there is no discussion or debate. Inspiration: Diana Christian’s Gifting Circles
When to Use / Type of Meeting / When in Agenda: 
players who know each other well

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