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Bay Area Workshop - Feb. 23

You are invited to attend . . .


Saturday, February 23rd


Location:  Berkeley Unitarian Fellowship (Fireside Room), 1606 Bonita Avenue, Berkeley, CA

An open workshop on the Group Works deck and ways to use it to help your meetings and group events go deeper, be more lively, and accomplish their goals.

Presented by Tree Bressen, Kate Sassoon, and Sue Woehrlin,

Sliding scale:  $10-50
To attend, please RSVP to Sassy at

What is Group Works?

  1. A new way of thinking about group dynamics and how to work with them effectively.  A common vocabulary for facilitators and participants to use in exploring how to create and support fulfilling group sessions.
  2. A deck of 91 beautiful cards, available for $25 in print or download for free from (also available for iPad and soon an iPhone app).  Each card describes one pattern that shows up in meetings that have a sense of life in them. 
  3. A nonprofit (technically called the Group Pattern Language Project) that collectively created and stewards this ongoing exploration, and that you can get connected with in a variety of ways.

To learn more about Sue, Tree, and Kate Sassy, check out the following:

This event co-sponsored by East Bay Cohousing “Supporting Sustainable Community Living” ( along with the dedicated facilitators of the Group Pattern Language Project (