Cross Method Mapping with Group Works at NCDD 2016

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Cynthia Kurtz and Sue Woehrin led a workshop on cross method mapping using the Group Works pattern cards at the October 2016 NCDD (National Coalition for Dialog & Deliberation) conference. Cross method mapping, developed by Cynthia, is a protocol for comparing and contrasting two different facilitation methodologies in a systematic way using the Group Works pattern cards as a common language. At the NCDD workshop one group compared Open Space Technology and Reflective Structured Dialogue; another group compared Structured Dialogic Design and Non-Violent Communication. All participants came away not only with new openness to another method but with greater insight into their own familiar one! Try this for yourself. You might surprise yourself by uncovering hidden connections and distinctions, and you’ll discover new ways to bridge divides across varying methodologies. Cynthia's workbook can be found on our resources page under workshop handouts (and can be adapted for your own use).

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