Introductory course on Group Works independently released

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We're delighted to announce than an independent courseware company called the unMBA Institute has just released an introductory two-hour course on Group Works

Russell Giesbrecht's course straightforwardly describes the contents of the deck package, gives his version of what purposeful group conversations are and what pattern languages are all about, and steps users through each card in the deck, category by category. He reads each card aloud and adds his own commentary. The course concludes with a brief description of some uses of the deck. We see how this may be especially useful to any user who prefers to learn by audio (or to share the concepts in the deck with anyone who has a sight impairment). 

The professionally-made course costs about US$12.

Our thanks to Russell for this initiative. When we created Group Works we deliberately chose to use a very open Creative Commons license, one that allows anyone to create their own spin-offs. So we're happy to see that coming to fruition through someone new stepping up with an independent creation! It's clear that Russell shares our belief in the power of groups and the importance of democratic deliberation.

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