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Method Mapping Workshop in Seattle October 11th

Scheduled for the eve of the NCDD conference, the project will be hosting a "Method Mapping" workshop to inquire into/play with how the cards might help delineate/distinguish different group methodologies.  If you can be in Seattle this day, please join us!  Here's the invite:

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   Date: Thursday, October 11, 2012   

   Time: 1:30-5:30 p.m.

   Location: Antioch University Seattle, room 200

Before there was a 91-card deck called Group Works, there was a profusion of full-scale methods for working with groups large and small:  Way of Council; Open Space; Art of Hosting; World Cafe; Appreciative Inquiry; Future Search; Sociocracy; and dozens more.  The deck aimed to distill the core wisdom underlying the successful application of these methods:  what do they have in common when they are working, when a group really flows?  Now it's time to do some "reverse engineering."  We want to take the cards and use them as a common vocabulary to map out the methods.  If you had to pick 3 or 5 or 10 cards to explain to someone how your favorite method works, which ones would you choose, and in what order? 

We are inviting people to attend this free session hosted at Antioch University (near the site of the NCDD conference, the day before the conference begins.  The more familiar you are with the cards and with one or more facilitation methods the better, but as long as you've at least laid eyes on the deck before the session, we're happy to have you join us.  Depending on how many people participate, we'll probably split into small groups with 1-5 people working on each method at a time, aiming to cover as many methods during the session as we can enjoyably manage. 

To participate, please RSVP to Sue Woehrlin: