New Distribution

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We are ready to share the fruits of our latest labors in two forms:

1. The new free download version of Group Works is posted at the website  and ready for you to try out!  This file has the new cards (with all the minor improvements mentioned in our last news item, including added category cards), properly formatted for easy printing 4 to a page, and file size has been reduced from 47 MB to less than 8 MB.  Thanks to Christopher Allen who assisted our graphic designer Janelle Frazier with formatting for PDF.

2. New decks, website, and distributor.  Since publication at the end of 2011 our decks have been capably distributed via mail by Paul Cienfuegos of, whose service has been appreciated by many of you.  As Paul's rates have risen and we are committed to keeping the deck as accessible as possible, we are now using Wright Fulfillment of Ashland, Oregon.  This changeover required us to build e-commerce functionality into our own website, so now when you place an order you will no longer go off to a different website.  The old stock has sold out and current orders are being filled with the new printing. 

It's all looking very pretty, and we're hoping everything functions the way it should.  Please send any feedback about your experience with these improvements to me (Tree).  I've personally spent months managing the distribution changeover on the heels of the second printing, and want to make sure it meets expectations.  At the same time, i am excited and relieved to turn my attention to other aspects of the Group Pattern Language Project, including continued spreading of the word and teaching workshops. 

As always, we welcome participation and support in a wide variety of ways, from buying decks at bulk rate and reselling, to sharing free cards at conferences and events you are attending, and more, so please get in touch to pursue possibilities.  Together we can save the world through better meetings!

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