Patrones Grupales-- Spanish translation of Group Works is published!!

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Congrats to Ulises and Marta on the publication of the Spanish translation of Group Works!!  

"Nos sentimos muy felices de anunciar que ya están disponibles en español las cartas de la facilitación, un paquete de 91 cartas en color con diferentes patrones grupales necesarios para reuniones efectivas y armoniosas, creado por Group Works y traducido al español por Ulises y Marta, miembros fundadores del Instituto Internacional de Facilitación y Cambio Europa, IIFACe.”

“We are happy to announce the ‘facilitation cards’ are already available in Spanish, a deck of 91 colorful cards explaining different group patterns present in effective meetings, created by Group Works and translated into Spanish by Ulises & Marta, both founding members of the International Institute for Facilitation and Change Europa, IIFACe”.

Un abrazo,

José Luis Escorihuela 'Ulises' * Facilitador de grupos
Facebook: ulyselba    Twitter: #!/ulyselba

You can download a free copy of the Spanish translation in a pdf file from, or order a printed version from the Ecohabitar online shop at

If you'd like to connect directly with Ulises and Marta, here are their emails:

This is an exciting benchmark for the Group Pattern Language, as it increases the reach of our collective work considerably.  Deepest appreciation to Ulises and Marta for their hard work both in translating the pattern cards, but also in managing all the logisitics and headaches of publishing!

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