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Workshops Being Developed

Tree says:  A few of us are in the process of developing various workshops around the cards, individually and in collaboration.  So far there are two basic workshop types that i know of, and i suspect a few more are out there.  The first is a basic introduction to the cards.  The second is designed to answer the initial question many of us associated with the project typically receive, which is:  "How do you use the deck?"  In my mind there are 4 basic categories of usage: 

  1. learning and self-assessment (for individuals and groups)
  2. planning
  3. guidance mid-stream (or just before an event)
  4. reflection and debriefing (which in some ways is a subset of #1, but seems worthy of its own standing)

Sue & i have developed a workshop covering these that i am hoping we are able to deliver at the NCDD conference and elsewhere.  The Oregon Mediation Association has accepted my proposal to present a concurrent session at their fall conference.  The coordinator of the Alt Blues Recess coming up in a few weeks wants creative workshops there even though it's mainly a dance event.  And the workshops coordinator at the Beloved Festival just asked me about presenting a workshop on Group Works.  I'm excited that we are getting the word out in a variety of venues.