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In discussion from the pattern-hi list:

Christopher Allen wrote:

At one of our Rebooting Web of Trust events, Joe Andrieu requested that challenges need to be offered with "Grace & Curiosity". I like that framing.

Dave Pollard wrote:

A card for Curiosity has been proposed several times, and I've added it to my deck as one of my "blank" cards.

Grace Chiu wrote:

I'm curious! I appreciate hearing that some folks have added Curiosity to their deck.

The pairing of "Grace & Curiosity," Christopher, was also very interesting to me. In the same Thu convo I referenced above, there was also an adjacent discussion about "wonder" and "awe" -- which I personally experience connected with "Grace."

I am VERY CURIOUS about the practice of "Challenge" and "Curiosity" in general, IN THESE TIMES -- with volatile polarization and somatic dysregulation impacting the foundational relationship we have with ourselves, others and our living planet. I am also curious about the purpose and value of "Challenge" and "Curiosity" in relation to the use of the deck in general -- when my lived experience on a daily basis OVERFLOWS with examples of how 'invisible' the dominant narrative is to most people (and, along with that blindness: the MANY ways the very 'waters we swim' in normalize violence and, predictably perpetuate generational harm).

(There is a LOT more in Chiu's reply about "structural and systemic inequities" about Challenge & Curiosity worthy of discussion)

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