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Inform the Group Mind

ACEI Cheung

We gather facts, feelings, and perspectives to reveal and deepen the group's awareness of itself and its world. The most helpful information comes from diverse sources and is accurate, relevant, accessible, and compelling.


Comments & Open Questions:

Comments & Open Questions:

* A particular challenge in this pattern is the understanding the scale of the group. There is an implied "we" in the "group" of the "Informing the Group Mind" pattern, which behaves differently when the groups are small (4-9), medium (15-35), large or giant (for instance communities of practice or online communities). Processes to support "reveal and deepen" are different at each of these scales — what works for a small group is unlikely to work for larger groups and vise-versa. 

* Related is that as groups scale upward, not everyone feels the same level of "we". So patterns and processes that increase inclusion and participation are important to support this pattern.