Rescue Me Game (untested)

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Rescue Me (best for 4-8 players; advanced) 

(this game has not been tested)

  1. Deal 6 cards to each player. Have one of the players (the “Scenarist”) identify a scenario for a meeting or other facilitated group event (who were the attendees, where, what was the objective).
  2. Player to the left of the Scenarist selects one of their cards and for 30 seconds act out the “anti-pattern” for that card (i.e. behaviour that contravenes the behaviour that the pattern would call for e.g. grumbling “I have absolutely no idea why I’m here” as the anti-pattern for Purpose). You cannot use any of the words in the title of the pattern in your act.
  3. Each of the other players in turn now has 30 seconds to act out one of the patterns on their cards in a way that would address and rescue the misbehaviour of the “anti-pattern” actor. So for example, the first potential rescuer might have the Tend Relationships card and say “Don’t fret, I hear your concern; let me summarize what our objectives for the day are”. The next potential rescuer might have the Story card and might say “Here’s a short history of the background of this issue that might give you a better idea of our purpose” (note that while they cannot use the word “story” they can use the words “purpose” and “history” even though they are words in other pattern titles; this also clues the Scenarist on what patterns the rescuer is not acting out).
  4. Once everyone has acted for 30 seconds, the Scenarist guesses what both the anti-pattern and each of the rescuing patterns acted out were. 
  5. For each correct guess, both the guesser (Scenarist) and the rescuer (or anti-pattern actor) get one point.
  6. Game continues until each player has had a turn as Scenarist. Inspiration: Improv
When to Use / Type of Meeting / When in Agenda: 
advanced players

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