Beautiful, contemplative tool

The Group Works card deck is a beautiful, contemplative tool for studying and designing group processes.  Inspired by the architectural classic "A Pattern Language," fifty volunteers from a variety of disciplines spent three years studying best practices in facilitation and discerning the patterns and themes that are common to all good group dynamics. The ninety-one cards are grouped into nine categories: intention, context, relationship, flow, creativity, perspective, modelling, inquiry & synthesis, and faith. Included are suggestions for using the cards for teaching, planning, evaluation, and self-reflection. The images on each card are beautiful, inspiring and evocative. You can buy a deck, or download them as a free pdf file. I am still figuring out new ways to use them in my practice . . . I just can't keep my hands off of them!

(Originally posted on Amazon, June 22, 2012)

Eris Weaver

Professional Facilitator

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