The change you want to see

These beautiful cards mark a watershed in the evolving power of conversations, quality personal interactions, and vibrant gatherings and communities.  Before these cards were released, we had methods, values, and principles.  Now we can dig deeper into the underlying dynamics that make different forms of conversation work their different forms of magic.  

In the Group Works card deck we find what to pay attention to - and, if we're going to attend to that, what else we need to heed...  Whether used to enhance conversational design, facilitation, evaluation, training, organizational productivity, group participation or grassroots power, the cards offer us a thoroughly flexible and engagingly aesthetic approach to deepening our understanding of group process and how to increase our skill.

But there's more:  Behind this lovely card set lies a powerful multifunctional wiki where process people share their knowledge and stories and evolve together.  So we know that the next set of cards - probably a few years from now - will be created by people who have achieved even deeper insight into group process.  I find this a collective learning system of unprecedented power.

I can't recommend Group Works cards highly enough.  Talk about being the change you want to see in the world!!

Tom Atlee

founder of the Co-IntellIgence Institute, author of The Tao of Democracy and Reflections on Evolutionary Activism

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