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Excerpts from review printed in Communities Magazine:

These cards have many potential applications.   I have heard a number of positive reports about their use by individuals and groups--including a cohousing group which used them to get past major difficulties to hold a very productive, constructive meeting.

This set has reminded me of how rich group process can be if its full potential is acknolwedged and nurtured.  Some methodologies unfortunately seem to cram group process into a "paint by numbers" approach--or worse.  The Group Works deck makes it clear that group work is an art, with endless nuance and potential for creativity--and that no simple formula will do it justice.  For those feeling trapped in a forumulaic, limiting approach, or who have lost sight of the magic of what truly participatory, effective group work can be, these cards may offer a breath of fresh air.

Chris Roth

Editor of Communities Magazine

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