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Event Plan - Participation Workshop

In organizing a three part workshop for a group, I created the following layout to explain to the group what I saw as the core issues.

Initially I picked the six cards in the middle row as representing the core patterns relevant to meeting their goals. I then noticed that they grouped well into 
three sets of two (each set matching one session of the workshop). 

I then added Trajectory as a key element for the group to stay present with was the way that this workshop fit into a set of other work they had been doing 
and will be doing later.
As developing a strong sense of trust seemed vital, particularly to the middle section, I added "Trust the Wisdom of the Group" as a bedrock layer.

The first session would focus on exploring and appreciating the differences of perspective on the central theme.
The next session involved mapping out the underlying needs & goals and seeking commonality, then working to map out a few potential ways forward 
based on those commonalities.
The final session centered around the group choosing one from among the maps done, and trying to reach consensus on it in principle.
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slot.png slot.png slot.png slot.png slot.png slot.png slot.png slot.png Mapping_and_Measurement Common_Ground Go_Deeper Embrace_Dissonance_and_Difference Moving_toward_Alignment Commitment Trajectory Trust_the_Wisdom_of_the_Group