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Strengths / Growing Edges Circle

1) Lay out all 91 cards in a spiral on a table, or in some other way that makes them easily viewable to all.


2) Invite participants to circle the table and pick one or two cards that represent a pattern they are gifted at using, and one or two cards that represent a pattern they would like to be better at using.

(note: vary the number of 'gift' or 'growing edge' cards depending on your focus and goals)


3) Have the participants sit in a circle, with the cards they chose in front of them, facing inwards. This creates a circle of cards representing the patterns under discussion.


4) Go around the circle and have each participant say a little bit about the patterns they chose and why.


This activity provides an excellent jumping off point for numerous activities.

When to Use / Type of Meeting / When in Agenda: 
Facilitator Training
Facilitation Team Gathering