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They Cooked and Ate the Facilitator Game (untested)

They Cooked and Ate the Facilitator (best for 4-8 players; advanced) -- note: this game has not been tested

  1. Remove and read aloud the Guerrilla Facilitator card.     
  2. Place 6 cards  selected at random where all can see them. 
  3. Choose someone to go first (the “Director”). The Director recalls or invents a story or situation where the facilitator has failed or struggled to invoke one of the 6 patterns shown on the cards. The Director sets up the context and answers any questions from the others, so all are clear about the situation.
  4. Create 3 Zones: (1) Facilitator, (2) Challenger, (3) Guerrilla Facilitator. The Director starts in the Facilitator zone. At least one person goes into the Challenger zone. They begin to act out the story/situation.
  5. The remaining players are free to do one of three things: (a) tag and relieve the Facilitator in zone 1 to defuse the situation; (b) enter the Challenger zone 2 and add to the challenge; (c) enter the Guerrilla Facilitator zone 3 and attempt to help resolve the situation from the sidelines.
  6. After 10 minutes, stop. Next player takes over as Director and introduces a new story or situation. 
  7. Continue until everyone has had a turn as Director. The entire group votes for who they thought was the best Facilitator, the best Challenger, and the best Guerrilla Facilitator. Inspiration: Improv
When to Use / Type of Meeting / When in Agenda: 
Best for groups of experienced facilitators