Volunteer Potential Tasks List

There are many tasks big and small that people other than Core Team members could help with if energy arises. Here's a brainstorm list so far. Also see Future Ideas page.

  • Write extended pattern descriptions
  • Link from specific pattern pages to Laird Schaub's discussions of those patterns on his blog
  • Review list of interesting nonprofits and institutions who have purchased decks in past few years to explore who to engage further with
  • Get GW reviewed in publications, either by writing a review yourself and getting it published or by getting them to review us
  • Update conference list, help find people to attend & strew (when in-person events return)
  • Help compile list of all workshops we've taught so far, a spreadsheet with: location, date, # attendance, $ rec'd, length, basic topic (e.g. applications vs. method-mapping), if in context of another org's event, etc.
  • Figure out people to send free decks to, and do it, then follow up with them
  • Make up bumper stickers as a new GPLP product: "Facilitators do it consensually!"
  • Put on workshops, game sessions, and other events (logistics, hosting, and/or presenting content), either at conferences or as stand-alone events
  • Strew cards at events
  • Manage creation of a revised phone app (x-platform for iPhone/Android, fulfilling latest spec by Sue)
  • Write up Calgary case study
  • Learn enough about monthly accounting to be a back-up for Dave in case of need
  • Take over Translation liaison role from Kavana Tree
  • Get Group Works included on the OD Network's resource list
  • Get Group Works included on Ford Family Foundation "Select Books" list

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