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Bring Group Works to Your Group

Would you or your organization like to host a training, strategy session or other event using the Group Works cards? Our team would be delighted to support you in integrating group pattern language as an approach and tool. Our own workshop designs are highly experiential and interactive, offering an opportunity to learn the patterns and how to use them by applying them to your real-life needs and dilemmas. And it's fun! Or we would be pleased to help you design an exploratory session or event of your own incorporating Group Works, and, if you want, we can facilitate, or co-facilitate with you.

We ask that organizers handle logistics and location management, invite people to attend, handle event registration and payments, provide meals and/or refreshments if needed for the group, and make any other necessary arrangements. We will negotiate with you a workshop fee (if a representative of Group Works attends) including reimbursement for any travel expenses. Workshops that we have designed can range from short sessions of an hour or two up to multiple-day events, and we are open to participating in events of your design regardless of duration. To discuss your ideas and wishes with us and explore possibilities, please contact us.

Both project core team members and some identified members of our wider circle are available to help make your event using the Group Works pattern language a success. We do not vet or certify practitioners; however we are very happy that people are picking up this open source tool and making it part of their offerings. Here's a list of who in the Group Works community is currently willing to offer workshops and other events using the cards. For more information on these people and others in our circle (including full bio's for any that are cut off in this view), visit the Community Members page

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