New Seed Patterns

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We are pleased to announce that anyone who's registered as a user on our Group Works website community can now DRAFT NEW PATTERNS.  This functionality is long overdue, and any work completed here may someday be included in an "expansion" set or future edition of the Group Works deck.  If you are inspired to add patterns you believe are missing from the current set of 91 cards, i invite you to:

1. Register as a user at the website if you're not already (upper right corner of website homepage )
2. Read the Template for pattern writing at
3. Get started at

This is a new functionality, so please let us know of any barriers or bugs you encounter.

In addition as has been the case for a long time, you are also invited to add further details to existing patterns, using fields that don't fit onto the printed cards but are available online.  Someday that content may become the basis for a book version.  To do that, once you're logged in, simply go to the page for the pattern you want to supplement and click Edit.  Have fun!

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