Patterns by Category

Patterns by Category Intro

Because trying to learn the full set of patterns can feel overwhelming at first, we have divided up the patterns into this set of nine categories. Each category represents a group need addressed by that set of patterns. One could make the case for including some patterns in two or even three categories; however, for the purpose of simplifying the overall deck, we have determined one primary category for each pattern here. The categories are listed in the order in which they might naturally be considered in event design; of course reality is a bit more complex.

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Commitment Priority Focus Setting Intention
Invitation Purpose


Aesthetics of Space Group Culture Power of Place
Circle History and Context Whole System in the Room
Gaia Nooks in Space and Time


Appreciation Honour Each Person Shared Airtime
Breaking Bread Together Hosting Tend Relationships
Celebrate Power Shift Transparency
Good Faith Assumptions


Balance Process and Content Iteration Right Size Bite
Balance Structure and Flexibility Opening and Welcome Ritual
Closing Preparedness Seasoned Timing
Divergence and Convergence Rhythm Reflection-Action Cycle Subgroup and Whole Group
Follow the Energy Rest Trajectory


Challenge Improvise Playfulness
Expressive Arts Mode Choice Power of Constraints
Generate Possibilities


Common Ground Seeing the Forest, Seeing the Trees Unity and Diversity
Embrace Dissonance and Difference Time Shift Value the Margins
Fractal Translation Viewpoint Shift
Go Meta


Appropriate Boundaries Holding Space Shared Leadership and Roles
Courageous Modelling Listening Simplify
Discharging Mirroring Taking Responsibility
Dwell with Emotions Not about You Witness with Compassion
Guerrilla Facilitation Self-Awareness

Inquiry & Synthesis

Deliberate Harvesting Moving toward Alignment
Distilling Inform the Group Mind Naming
Experts on Tap Inquiry Story
Feedback Mapping and Measurement Yes, and
Go Deeper


All Grist for the Mill Letting Go Silence
Dive In Magic Spirit
Emergence Presence Trust the Wisdom of the Group

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