Activities Using Group Works Cards

We've just added our 'deck activity database'. If you are a logged in user please feel free to add an activity. Before you do, please read the guidelines below:

  1. Look over the activities already listed. If the activity you wanted to add is already there, consider adding a comment to the existing activity, but don't add the activity again.
  2. Please only add activities that you have actually used, rather than ones that are not yet tested.

Add a New Activity

These cards are yours, of course, to use in whatever ways make sense and work for you:  in the workplace, in design and preparation of facilitated events, as a learning and teaching tool, for reflecting on how an event went, or just for fun.  Here are some of the ways they have been used by facilitators and students so far, to give you some ideas to get started with.


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Hey good people,

We are in the process of coming up with better ways to organize this collection of Activities.  What fields, categories or tags would you like to see added, so that it becomes a more functional catalogue?  Please add comments. 

For example, i'm thinking of adding a field that asks whether the Activity is more intuitive vs. more rational/analytical.  What else?

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