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There is a music album called A Pattern Language by a band called The Pursesnatchers released in July 2011.  Fun, huh?

More Material to Draw From

Chris Corrigan's list of ideas for an Art of Hosting pattern language:

Canadian Community on Dialogue & Deliberation (C2D2) 2005 plenary on design principles
Download C2D2 Design Summary

Principles and Related Information for a Variety of Conversational Practices (compiled by Peggy)
Download Practice Principles Abridged
Download Matrix Sketch

Nexus for Change 2007 open space session notes
Download Underlying Patterns - session notes

Process Arts wiki

Amusing Don Olsen chapter in Linda Rising book:

Christopher Alexander materials

Pattern Language Website — http://www.patternlanguage.com/

Nature of Order Websitehttp://www.natureoforder.com/

The patterns, on someone else's website:  http://www.jacana.org.uk/pattern/

Jenny Quillen's take on the history and the bridge from A Pattern Language to Nature of Order, posted on Tom Atlee's Wise Democracy PL site:  https://www.wd-pl.com/history/

Christopher Alexander, 2009 Vincent Scully Prize recipient: An interview with Michael Mehaffy about Christopher Alexander and his impact on the profession

"The Radical Technology of Christopher Alexander" by Michael Mehaffy and Nikos Salingaros (Sept. 6, 2011)

Christopher Alexander’s pattern template
Download Christopher Alexander's pattern template

Alexander sample pattern "Network of Learning"
Download Alexander sample pattern "Network of Learning"

15 Properties and Transformations

Living Neighborhoods — http://www.livingneighborhoods.org/ht-0/archive.htm
(Ken Gillgren told Tree: "I’ve found this archive site of white papers extremely helpful, particularly the two papers on “Empirical Findings from the Nature of Order” and “New Concepts in Complexity Theory.” Both of these pdfs are listed in the ' Theory: Extension of Concepts From The Nature of Order' section.")

A City is Not a Tree — http://www.rudi.net/pages/8755

William Saunders review of A Pattern Language in Harvard Design Magazine http://www.gsd.harvard.edu/research/publications/hdm/back/16books_saunders.html

Tree's Report-Back from PUARL (conference she & Sue W. attended fall 2009 with 4 authors of the original PL book)

Peggy Holman & Tom Atlee—NCDD Session Materials

Pattern Language Elements—Template
Download PL Elements Template - Peggy & Tom

Top-level category list from several different pattern language attempts
Download Pattern Language Maps

Some definitions & useful concepts for "conversations that matter"
Download Definitions

Conversations that matter: PL Map
Download 4a-Conversations that Matter PL Maps

Conversations that matter sample pattern: Positive Perspective
Download Positive Perspective - sample pattern

Conversations that matter sample pattern: Collective Intelligence
Download Collective Intelligence - sample pattern

Nancy Glock-Grueneich

Process Pattern Language Workgroup
Download Pattern Language Workgroup

Distilling What We’re Learning about Public Participation: Towards a Process Pattern Language
Download Distilling What We're Learning about Public Participation

Process Pattern Language: A Functional Model Map:
Download Map PL by Nancy G

Download Narrative PL by Nancy G

Pattern Languages in Other Fields

Design in General

Design with Intent: 101 Patterns for Influencing Behaviour through Design

(Here's what Ken Gillgren said about this one:  "This recently released toolkit is hands down the most elegant and practical implementation of a pattern language approach that I have seen to date. It’s in the form of 101 simple cards, each illustrating a particular ‘gambit‘ for influencing people’s interactions with products, services, environments, and each other, via the design of systems. Take a look at this approach and accompanying resources. Absolutely fantastic!")

Patterns from IDEO: Design Insights Emerging and Converging

Commoning & Physical Space

The Commoning of Patterns and the Patterns of Commoning:  This article starts from Alexander and takes off for what pattern languages are needed to create a more liveable world

An excellent initial set of principles for a pattern language of "the commons":  http://commonsblog.wordpress.com/2013/05/30/towards-a-commons-creating-p...

Tom Erickson's article on Lingua Francas for Design and Sacred Places--includes good response to critiques in section 6

Permaculture & Green Economics

David Holmgren on Permaculture:  http://permacultureprinciples.com/principles/

Toby Hemenway on Permaculture:  http://tobyhemenway.com/resources/ethics-and-principles/

Patterns of a Conservation Economy:  Unfortunately EcoTrust let their domain expire, but their pattern language is available from the Internet’s Wayback Machine – https://web.archive.org/web/20161022163623/http://www.reliableprosperity.net/

Transition Town Movement
Rob Hopkins' original article about reenvisioning Transition into the form of a Pattern Language
Transition PL booklet

Communication, Education & Politics

Tom Atlee & Martin Rausch have created a very nicely done Wise Democracy Pattern Language composed of 70 pattern cards. 

Parenting:  GPLP core team member Daniel Lindenberger and friends are creating a sort of "spin-off" intended for parenting.  They call it the Connection Deck.  They are seeking out underlying patterns that bring life, growth, and health to interactions between parents and childen, in order to create more positive relationships, a better home environment, and clearer communication.

Pattern Language Network (Taming Web 2.0 in Higher Education)
and particularly the pattern list and tags at:

Liberating Voices:  http://www.publicsphereproject.org/patterns/pattern-table-of-contents.php

Ken Gillgren's "Patterns of Engagement"

Sane Polity: A Pattern Language by William Ophuls (book)

(This page is called "The Conversation Pattern Language," but it's not:)

Technology, Website Design, and Software Writing

Designing Social Interfaces
Designing Social Interfaces: What is a Pattern
Designing Social Interfaces: Principles and Patterns
Slides by Christian about Designing Social Interfaces

Teaching and Learning with Technology

Applying “A Pattern Language” To Online Community Design by Cameron Chapman.  Takes a sampling of relevant architectural patterns and applies them to website design.

Wikis (includes anti-patterns)

Design Patterns @ CAL'09: Learning in Digital Worlds:
and especially "Bringing Learning Patterns to the Forefront" which includes a solid paper on methodologies for pattern identification in diverse fields beyond electronic learning (click on link to Download Draft Paper):

Planet: Pattern Language Network for Web 2.0 in Learning
Pattern language for education and web 2.0, just like it says. 

Same folks, another paper titled "Planet: Bringing Design Knowledge to the Forefront," unfortunately no longer seems to be posted on the web, but here is an extract and contact info for the lead author.

"Patterns and Software: Essential Concepts and Terminology" by Brad Appleton

"A Pattern Language for Pattern Writing" by Gerard Meszaros & Jim Doble

Other Decks (not necessarily related to pattern language)

Deckaholic.com has lots of great decks!

User experience and design card decks at Pinterest

Post on pattern language at Methodkit, as well as Methodkit page listing creativity card decks (including Group Works)

Breaking Through: The Relationship Repair Game, nice 78-card deck from Stuart Watson focused on interpersonal communication

Collaboration Superpowers (Lisette Sutherland) offers 24 cards useful for visual communication during remote meetings, free download here.

Based on the Going Horizontal book, Percolab has created a free online game similar to Group Works' "dilemma-sharing" activity.  Take turns in a group of 2+.  Speaker draws a random card from here.  Listener(s) each draw a random card from here.  There are 7 domains of practice in the Speaker set of cards, and 16 areas of focus in the Listener set.

Terpsichore's Deck of dance choreography by Eliza Larson - while not a pattern language per se, this deck is well-written and alive, it has some of the same feel

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