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Participation in our Community

Ten Ways You Can Participate in the Group Works Pattern Language Project and Community

1. Just want to stay abreast of what’s new with the deck and language?

2. Want to share your knowledge and experience from using the deck?

3. Want to help make this the shared working language of facilitators worldwide?

4. Want to help expand your own, and others’, use of the deck in your professional work?

5. Want to help grow our understanding of how the ‘patterns’ map to ‘methods’ of facilitation?

6. Want to meet and network with other facilitators using the deck in your community?

7. Want to help spread the word about the deck and language?

  • Talk with Dave about becoming a Group Works Ambassador: Get involved with outreach/conference activities (presenting, workshops, videos, slide decks, ‘strewing’, writing articles, sending free decks to key people, helping with event management and organization, and even make a small profit reselling decks
  • Send your announcements and news about the deck to Daniel for posting on our Facebook page and Twitter feed

8. Want to help us steward current activities forward as a member of our project team?

  • Talk with Sue about becoming a Group Works Steward:  Support us in our admin and tech work, fundraising, content or website management work, or work on current projects (e.g. phone/ipad apps, “deck 2.0”, game development, or deck translations)

9. Want to develop your own applications or translations of the deck?

  • Talk with Daniel or Christopher about joining or developing new 'branch' projects such as embedding the language in our practices, developing a curriculum around Group Works, applying the language in virtual meetings and integrating it in other technology platforms
  • Check out current Translation Projects and let us know if you’d like to help translate Group Works into more languages

10. Want to support the project but have limited time?

See more ideas on the Potential Volunteer Things to Do List page. 

Thanks for being a part of this amazing project!