Circle Game (untested)

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The Circle Game (best for 6-10 players; intermediate) 

  1. Players sit in a circle. A dealer is selected. Dealer selects a Theme for the round. The theme determines which pattern cards the players will try to amass. Examples of themes might be: (a) patterns each player thinks they best exemplify; (b) patterns each player thinks are their learning edges; (c) patterns that are essential to each player’s favourite facilitation method.
  2. Each player writes on a post-it note the names of 5 patterns they think are appropriate to the current Theme.
  3. Dealer deals 6 cards to each player. As players receive cards that are on their 5-pattern list they put them face down in front of them.
  4. Every few seconds (about 10 seconds, faster for those familiar with the deck; slower for beginner groups) the Dealer says “Pass”, at which point all of the other players pass one of their cards to the left, while the Dealer places a card selected from his/her hand on the bottom of the stack of unused cards, and passes the top card from the stack to the player to his/her left.
  5. The first player to place a third card in front of them announces “3”; the first player to place a fourth card in front of them announces “4”. The first player to place their 5th card in front of them wins the game. If after 10 minutes no one has done that, the player who said “4” (or failing that, the player who said “3”) wins the game. Inspiration: Bingo, Pit
When to Use / Type of Meeting / When in Agenda: 
intermediate players

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