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We invite you to become a more active part of the Group Works learning community. Registering on the website allows you to:

  • Become an editor:Help add to and fill out the pattern descriptions, providing more instructions, resources, and examples!
  • Write and edit Card Sequences—select any set of cards, in whatever arrangement or order you want, to easily refer to later. This feature can be used to map facilitation methods, document a session plan, and so on. Each Sequence is assigned a unique URL, so you can share it with others on your team (and all Sequences are publicly viewable too).
  • Add to the Activities collection.
  • Contact anyone else listed in our Membership Community through the site.
  • Post a Review.
  • Post comments.
  • Stay connected with the project.

When you register you will be asked to confirm your agreement to abide by the terms of project membership, including:

  1. Honoring our commitment to engage respectfully with each other.
  2. Following "appropriate use" guidelines for project materials (including upholding all existing licensing of images and other content).
  3. Signing a waiver of intellectual property rights in respect of contributed ideas, as we are building a commons rather than staking out proprietary intellectual territory.

We'll send you a welcome note with more information then.

It is not necessary to register or sign in to view most of the pages on this site, to buy or download card decks, or donate to the project.

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