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Expressive Arts


Linear discussion only takes us so far. For a more intuitive, holistic experience put on skits, write songs together, do art, listen to poetry, experiment with movement. The arts can move and teach us, inspire and engage, bringing a group to places we would never otherwise reach.


Music, visual arts, literary arts, dance, improv/theatre, ...different modalities which invite a non-rational, non-intellectual experience and engagement ...(not that evokes or catalyzes)...

Cautions & Caveats:
Introducing "the arts" needs a high level of trust with most groups... 'trust me',... this won't be a waste of time, this will serve our higher purpose, (it needs to be explicitly related to purpose, especially the further you are away from arts, in the group)


A Future Search on the future of education in BC. One of the participants, a well known education thinkiner, donned a table cloth as part of the skit that reflected the preferred future of the group. That act lifted the group, engendered hope and helped them jump beyond problems solving "Yeah, buts" and the rational frames of mind that were limiting the group's vision of the future. It also invited those who were unable or unwilling to participate in the rational aspects of the discussion to participate resulting in a fuller experience and a richer outcome where many voices contributed in diverse ways.(Chris & Carol)


Future Search (visioning the future skits)