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Role Playing / "Medicine Wheel"

From Ben Roberts:

"We had a call where it seemed that John (cc’d here) and I were talking at cross-purposes, or from different realms, while Mary, a third person on the call, was an observer. In writing to them and processing what had happened, I found myself reaching for the deck, which John has been using nicely in our regularly meetings as well (he chooses one card he thinks will help set the tone for each call). I picked a card I thought represented his energy (Priority Focus) and one that represented mine (Emergence) and that helped clarify the different roles we were playing while valuing both. Then I asked Mary what card she felt drawn to as well, and she chose Inform the Group Mind. This helped us a lot when we got back together for our next call today.
It leads me to wonder if such “role playing” is something that you have used the cards for before? And I wonder how it might be if a group did this in advance of a gathering, almost like a medicine wheel approach where each person is consciously invited to bring a certain process perspective to the group’s work."
When to Use / Type of Meeting / When in Agenda: 
In advance of a meeting, or when 'stuck' at cross-purposes
Minimum Participants: 
2 participants