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Self-Assessment and Self-Directed Learning Activity

Lay out all the cards.  Identify which patterns you feel most competent using, and which you would like to become better at.

Each week, select one pattern from the second list, and think about how you have used it in the past, could have used it, and might use it in future.  Keep it in a place where it’s visible and refer back to it at various points during the week.  Research situations where it has been used in an exemplary way.  Make a point of observing when it gets used in an event or activity you participate in, and how the facilitator effectively invoked it (or not).  

With the help of others who know your facilitation strengths and weaknesses, attach a post-it to each card that contains either a 'grade' or colour to represent your self-assessed capacity at invoking the pattern represented by that card. Jot brief reminder notes of when/where you have invoked (or should have invoked) each pattern. Periodically review and update your 'grades'.

When to Use / Type of Meeting / When in Agenda: 
Personal Development
Minimum Participants: 
1 participant