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Please share your stories of using the Group Works cards and the Patterns. This helps deepen our understanding as a community of practice as to how the Patterns play out in real life: who is using the patterns and deck, how, with what kinds of groups, with what results.

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We have always had a facilitator for our Bowen in Transition coordinating team meetings (generally 6-8 people). But at our last meeting, one of our members suggested we had been learning about facilitation through the group for the past 5 years (since its inception) and perhaps we should try having a session without a facilitator. We did so, and it worked wonderfully. We used consensus principles to create an agenda for the meeting and time-block each agenda item, and we shared timekeeper duties.

I was facilitating a session imagining our group were among the survivors of civilization's collapse 7 generations from now, with each of us improvisationally role-playing our great-great-great-great-great grandchild. I provided a story as a starting point, did some set-up (arranged Nancy White to do graphic facilitation; hired a face-painter to do tribal face painting to get us in the right frame) and launched the session with some simple questions.