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Here is a collection of resources useful in working with the deck. Any logged in user can add more, so if you are developing Group Works-related materials to share the deck with your colleagues and others, we hope you'll add to the set here.

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Workshop Handouts
Filesort descending Updated
Activities handout for Facilitation Workshop (by Doherty)
File Facilitation_Workshop_GroupWorks_card-deck_Activities_Doherty.rtf
Feb 7, 2014
Applications Handout Doc
Microsoft Office document icon applications_handout.doc
Jul 30, 2013
Applications Handout PDF
PDF icon applications_handout.pdf
Sep 27, 2013
Applications Typology (in 6 streams)
PDF icon Applications_Typology_revised_Nov2013.pdf
Feb 7, 2014
Category + Alpha list handout, pdf
PDF icon category_alpha_handout.pdf
Sep 11, 2014
Category + Alpha list handout, powerpoint
Office presentation icon category_alpha_handout.ppt
Sep 11, 2014
Category handout, pdf
PDF icon category_handout.pdf
Sep 11, 2014
Category handout, powerpoint
Office presentation icon category_handout.ppt
Sep 11, 2014
Cheatsheet (1-line pattern summaries)
Microsoft Office document icon GPLP_Patterns_Cheatsheet_Handout_2013.doc
Nov 20, 2013
Cross mapping workbook by Cynthia Kurtz
File Cross_mapping_workbook6.docx
Feb 9, 2017
Generic Workshop Packet 2015 - PDF
PDF icon generic_packet_2015-Oct.pdf
Oct 5, 2015
Generic Workshop Packet 2015 - PPT
Office presentation icon generic_packet_2015-Oct.ppt
Oct 5, 2015
Pattern List
PDF icon pattern_list.pdf
Jul 30, 2013
Microsoft Office document icon Group_Works_workshop_compilation.doc
May 22, 2015
Deck Promotions
Filesort descending Updated
Business flyer Dave 2 page
File Biz_Brochure_-_Dave_draft_3.pptx
Nov 18, 2013
Card Leave Behind (pdf)
PDF icon card_leave-behind_backs.pdf
May 25, 2014
Card Leave Behind (pptx)
File card_leave-behind_backs.pptx
May 25, 2014
deck stickers
PDF icon stickers.pdf
Nov 19, 2013
Tree's basic 2-page flyer
PDF icon Trees_flyer.pdf
Feb 7, 2014
Tree's basic 2-page flyer (doc)
Microsoft Office document icon Tree_flyer.doc
May 25, 2014
Other Materials
Filesort descending Updated
Extra Blank Cards 4-up
PDF icon Blank_Cards_4-up.pdf
May 1, 2015
Group Works cards 2019 one-up version as PDF
PDF icon GroupWorks-2019-Deck-Download-v2.pdf
Oct 8, 2020
Group Works cards 2019 one-up version as PNG
Image icon GroupWorks-2019-Deck-Download-v2.png
Oct 8, 2020
Introduction to Group Works (PDF eBook)
PDF icon Introduction_to_Group_Works.infinite.pdf
Dec 11, 2013
JSON format categories
Binary Data Group_Works_categories.json
Oct 2, 2019
JSON format pattern cards
Binary Data Group_Works_cards.json
Oct 2, 2019
Map of Deck Sales by Region 2015
PDF icon Group_Works_Deck_Sales_Map_2015.pdf
Jun 3, 2015
Questions for each pattern, by Tom Atlee
File GroupWorks_Pattern_Qs.rtf
Aug 23, 2019
Wordle of the Patterns
Image icon PatternWordle.gif
Jul 30, 2013
Zip file of small images of all 91 pattern cards
Package icon
Jan 31, 2014

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